Sunday, November 06, 2005

Tributes Through Tattooing

I know tattoos are something many in the different military services use to brand themselves with a particular 'band of brothers' or event. Looking at the tattoos fascinates me although I'd never get a tattoo myself. The tattoo of Capt. Michael Pretus is a work of art on his body.
Commemorating combat experience with a tattoo is a warrior ritual that stretches back centuries, a practice "as old as war itself," said C.W. Eldridge, a historian for the National Tattoo Association and owner of the Tattoo Archive, a Berkeley, Calif., tattoo studio.

Like their counterparts in past wars, Iraq veterans are choosing traditional patriotic symbols -- U.S. flags, eagles, names of units -- for their tattoos. But some images are strikingly personal. Aided by improved pigments and more sophisticated equipment, they reveal in graphic detail the pain and permanence of war.
Indelible Memories For Veterans of Iraq

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