Monday, November 07, 2005

Scenario: US Bows to Anti-War Left and Abandons Iraq

The Daily Demarche has posed "What if... we bowed to the anti-war left and pulled out of Iraq tomorrow?".

We've all seen what has been occurring in France over the last 12 days. Doesn't look pretty does it. Did France's anti-war stance help them at all with the Muslim citizens of it's country? I don't think so, pandering to a specific ethnic group accomplishes nothing for a politician.

This is what the anti-war left wants, to pander to Islamic Facists under the the guise of being either anti-war or their other mantra is to support the troops by bringing them home. Knowing that the anti-war left is mostly comprised of Socialist and Communist party members this slogan is absurd. What the anti-war left does support are murdering dictators and totalitarian regimes. The protesting of Code-Pink outside of Walter Reed Hospital demonstrates the shameful behavior of this group. All these groups want to do is use our Troops to advance their own causes.

What happens then if the United States withdraws from Iraq, NOW. Remember South Vietnam? Remember how many South Vietnamese were slaughtered by the North Vietnamese? Iraq as it stands today will lose just as South Vietnam lost. The Islamic Facists have the support of Iran, Syria and many other groups in the Middle East. By cowardly withdrawing the United States will show it truly is a "Paper Tiger" which no longer has the gumption to protect itself. It's a country far away from the United States of WWII. As France has splintered itself into Muslim vs Non-Muslim so will the United States splinter itself into a multicultural divided nation. If anyone thinks that the Islam we see is a peaceful religion then I'd like them to explain the propensity of Muslims to blow up children, to cut off heads all in the name of Allah. Islam is a conquering religion and France, Denmark, Norway, Britain, Belgium, Spain.........are all part of the quest. Why shouldn't the United States be a part of that quest?

The GWOT is a real war with real enemies. To blindly ignore this war will not abate the advances of Islamic Facists and an ocean or sea will not protect us. They are in our midst just waiting for the anti-war left to hand over our country to them.

Update Nov. 8: The Daily Demarche has posted his scenario on The New Caliphate . Then from American Future we read about Iraq: Thrill of Victory, Agony of Defeat . This is definitely an omen of what could be in our future. And for those in the Republican Party who think capitulation to the anti-war left is a better option than holding steady on the course in Iraq, think again. American Future hits the nail on the head on what the election outcome would be for these Republicans. From Gallios (who is a frequent contributor at Daily Demarche) writes at My Blog is Your Blog: What would happen?

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