Thursday, November 03, 2005

Noah Shachtman - Inside the "Baghdad Bomb Squad"

Noah spent 3 weeks with Team Mayhem (US Army bomb squad). He's got lots of pics but needs to correct a usage problem before you will be able to view any. There's a great little piece Noah wrote called "Captain American In The Forever War"
Over three weeks in and around Baghdad this July, I spoke to dozens and dozens of soldiers about their views on the conflict. For the most part, morale among these infantrymen and engineers and bomb-disposers was high. Shockingly high, given the fact that they didn’t buy the Bush administration’s rationales for the war.

“Democracy? Here? Are you fucking kidding me?” one sergeant laughed, as we drove near the Abu Ghraib prison. This was from a guy from helped safeguard the January round of elections. He figures the place will collapse into civil war as soon as U.S. troops leave.

But he’s glad he’s in Iraq, regardless. Mostly, because of the insurgents.

The guerillas in Iraq have been brutal, killing way more innocent bystanders than American occupiers or Iraqi collaborators. While I was in Baghdad, a group of soldiers in a nearby neighborhood were handing out candy to bunch of kids. Until a suicide bomber stepped in, and killed 27.

“It boggles my mind, how someone can go into a crowd of kids, and kill them all."

Defense Tech: Inside the "Baghdad Bomb Squad"

Check out the comments string, there's some interesting points made.

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