Saturday, November 05, 2005

Hypocrisy of CIA Leaks: Plame-gate vs Able Danger

Vox Taciturn (a former member of the intelligence community) does a guest post on CQ about how the CIA works in regards to the Plame/Wilson hoax. As Vox says we should all be very concerned about how this story transpired with the duplicity of the CIA.

I find this interesting:
Still think rogue Bush-haters in the CIA aren’t getting reporters who cover the national security beat to carry their water? Let’s go to an impartial source. I don’t have a LexisNexis account so we’ll use Google News to search for the non-issue that is “Valarie Plame”: 21,800 hits. Now a search for the real intelligence related controversy that is “Able Danger”: 72 hits. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t that what is known as a blow-out?

It's difficult to believe those reporting in the MSM don't know that Plame/Wilson is a hoax perpetrated on the American public with the complicit hand of the MSM. What is shameful is that the real story of Able Danger has been left blowing in the wind because the story doesn't fit the picture of the MSM which is to demonize Karl Rove and President George Bush.

What a tragedy that Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer has been abandoned by everyone except for Rep. Curt Weldon. This past week Shaffer lost his appeal for his security clearance which means he will lose his job probably within 30 days.
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