Monday, November 07, 2005

Convicted Immigrant Felon Released and Why Would That Be?

In October, immigration authorities released Vanian — a convicted felon who served a sentence for carrying a loaded firearm — because they could not get a valid passport to deport him.

snip....Immigration authorities are bound by a U.S. Supreme Court decision that prohibits keeping detainees for more than six months beyond their prison sentences if deportation is unlikely. In some cases, the government finds a third country to accept the immigrants, but more end up back on U.S. streets.

Here's a clue. CHANGE THE LAW! How about we also change the law from the 1990's which requires hospitals to treat anyone who comes into the emergency room and the hospital can't ask if they are citizens of this country. I know the LA Times was writing this as a hard luck good news story cause they think this is so wrong. I think DHS (actually I'm beginning to think maybe DHS is figment of the government's imagination) should audit ALL the employees of the LA Times and then move on to any other publications associated with the corporation.

Deportation to Nowhere - Los Angeles Times

h/t Lucianne

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