Saturday, October 22, 2005

Who Will Protect U.S. Culture and Entertainment From The UN and France?

Here's more anti-Americanism via the UN and France. The funny or odd thing is how this will affect the U.S. entertainment industry. I just wonder how those Europhile UN loving Hollyweird's will react to trade restrictions on their products? They're so infused with Euro/UN brainwashing they'll probably think this is a positive event!

Most of the 190 members of UNESCO, the UN cultural agency, are expected to vote overnight for a "convention on cultural diversity", which enshrines on a global level France's longstanding policy of subsidising its arts and imposing quotas on American films and music.
France spends tens of millions of dollars each year to subsidise its film industry, theatre and opera. It also protects music and TV production with strict quotas on the amount of non-French songs and programs that may be broadcast on radio and TV.
As noted the definition for the word "culture" is up for debate, especially when it comes to the French or UN.

The Australian: UN to back France against US culture [October 21, 2005]

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