Wednesday, October 19, 2005

UN Invites Mugabe To Speak At World Food Day

The "Useless Nincompoops" of the UN have Mugabe speak at World Food Day. I am continually amazed by the insufferable stupidity of the communists running the United Nations. Can anyone tell me why it is that the United States stays in the UN? Why is the UN even in the United States?

Of course one of the first things Mugabe did was to call President Bush Hitler. This coming from a brutal dictator who has bankrupt one of the most prosperous farming areas in Africa.

Here's what Mugabe said:
In his speech extolling Zimbabwe's land-confiscation policy, Mugabe compared Bush and Blair's partnership in the war against terrorism to that of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in World War II — amid cheers from U.N. delegates.

Also on hand at the celebration was Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, who used the occasion to accuse the U.S. and our allies of threatening "all life on the planet." Chavez praised Mugabe's policies, and said Venezuela was enacting similar "reforms." Mugabe and Chavez were photographed embracing happily, like the two birds of a feather they are.

Investor's Business Daily: Robert Mugabe: U.N. Poster Boy

H/T Free Republic - Robert Mugabe: U.N. Poster Boy Posted by Kitten Festival

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