Monday, October 17, 2005

Teacher Accreditation Dependent on "Dispositions" Evaluation

Unfortunately when I read this article by John Leo I wasn't surprised. This is just typical of those in upper hierarchy of the teaching profession. Goes in league with teachers unions which overwhelmingly donate significant percentages of member dues to Democrat candidates.

The cultural left has a new tool for enforcing political conformity in schools of education. It is called dispositions theory, and it was set forth five years ago by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education: Future teachers should be judged by their "knowledge, skills, and dispositions." What are "dispositions"? NCATE's prose made clear that they are the beliefs and attitudes that guide a teacher toward a moral stance. That sounds harmless enough, but it opened a door to reject teaching candidates on the basis of thoughts and beliefs. John Leo: Class(room) warriors (10/24/05)

Read it and weep. He's got examples of a strong arming group think for future teachers.

H/T Lucianne

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