Friday, October 07, 2005

Self Portrait Friday~~Old Clothing You Still Own

Katy's theme for today is a picture in the oldest piece of clothing you own and tell it's history.

It's really too bad, before my move I got rid of two full packed Explorer loads of mostly clothes and some other useless junk. A lot of it was clothing for real winters but there were quite a few clothing items I had been keeping for I have no idea why. I don't know how this dress escaped the trash heap. It did nothing for me then and definitely does nothing for me now! Okay, so here's the story of the dress. I got it in 1985 and you ask, why do you know when you got the dress? Well........the company I was working for did this tv commercial and I was in the commercial for about a nano-second and got this company Emmy with the date on it to tell me the approximate time frame for the dress. And how exactly does this fit in? During the filming of the commercial I met the ad agency creative director, we ended up dating for a few months and this dress was needed for a formal event we attended. I always felt like a 13 year old trying to be a grown up in this dress hence it was only worn once. Did you see the ugly belt? The shoulder pads are awful. The sleeves are real blousy and the fabric is that see-throughy kind of stuff. The little black dress it ain't.

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