Thursday, October 13, 2005

Radical Left of Yore Keeps Suing Viet Nam Legacy Org.

Jamie Glazov interviews Mary Jane McManus who is the wife of former VN POW Kevin McManus. The Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation was formed to counteract all of the lies and inuendo's spewn about by John 'fing Kerry and his cohorts from the Vietnam Veterans against the War. This group of liars and cheats may not be around today in the name of VVAW but they are around spewing the same lies and inuendos about Vietnam and now about Iraq. What is amazing to me is the number of times Kerry and these people are suing either this foundation or other Vets against Kerry. Sounds to me like a smear campaign backed by some big bucks like maybe the Heinz Foundation? That couldn't be could it?

There's something very sick about people who can't tell the truth even after 30 years. Not only do they continue perpetuating the lies but are making up new lies ala Cindy Sheehan. If you try to counteract their lies they just sue you.

It's an interesting and enlightening interview.

FrontPage :: Suing Kerry by Jamie Glazov

There's also this which I posted a couple days ago where Jason at CounterColumn has more information on another aspect on this subject.

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