Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Outside the Wire

Documentary from JD on his old Marine Corps unit in Iraq. Maybe you remember the picture I had posted quite awhile back of the Marine with the puppy on his chest, that was JD's photo (Brawler Puppy).

Tired of the daily news from Iraq? Tired of the daily report on the latest car bombing?

So was J.D. Johannes, which is why he went to Iraq to get the story first hand.

J.D. spent three months in Iraq with his old Marine Corps unit producing syndicated news reports for television stations in Kansas and Missouri. He is now turning those reports into a documentary in cooperation with KTWU, a PBS affiliate in Topeka, Kansas.

If you like what you see on the Faces From The Front website, you will love the documentary.

J.D. will be returning to Iraq to continue filming Silver platoon and conduct more interviews with the military leaders in Iraq.

But filming in Iraq is not cheap. Your tax deductible contribution to KTWU will be used to finance the next round of filming in Iraq and post-production after Silver & Gold platoons return home this Fall.

Every contribution to KTWU is tax deductible and will help cover the expenses of filming in Iraq. A $5 dollar contribution buys a digital tape. A $100 contribution covers the cost of converting 10 minutes from tape to an encoded master.

Your support is needed to tell the story of these brave men serving our country.

Faces from the Front: American Marines in Iraq - Outside the Wire
This is the first trailer:
This is the second trailer:

JD could use some financial help as he stated above. If you can help him out here's the link. Personally I commend this PBS Affiliate for assisting in the sponsorship of this documentary.

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