Sunday, October 09, 2005

On Harriet-I'll Have To Join Capt's Qtrs. Rebel Alliance

I haven't written anything on the latest George Bush nomination for SCOTUS but I've been thinking about it quite a bit. Am I ticked off at the Prez, YES! Do I think the Republican Party has shoved the nose of it's base in the dirt, YES. This is like the triple whammy. Ignore the base on illegal immigration, indulged porking of taxpayer dollars and the one big promise on the nomination for the Supreme Court. No Harriet Meirs does not instill confidence in me. I've been nervous about the Prez nominating Gonzales and instead he's faking with a female look a like with Meirs.

I also know from a national party perspective they think those like myself will just roll over and follow the party leadership, well I got news for them. That's not gonna happen. I will still work for candidates I believe in but the state and national Republican Party will not see one thin dime from me until the party starts to look again like a group of leaders who believe in keeping our country safe through protecting our borders (and this doesn't mean a lame amnesty look alike program) and start to exercise fiscal restraint in spending programs (this includes farm subsidies, foreign aid, UN aid, corporate welfare, school welfare, NOLA welfare, Alaska welfare....I could go on forever on this note) and finally to walk the talk on believing in our U.S. Constitution as a governing document which is NOT living and breathing as we speak. There are a number of other things that bug me currently about the bulging voracious monstrosity of a Federal Bureaucracy which is inept and failing but there's only so much outrage I can muster at a time.

For now, I'll just join the group that Ed classifies as the "Rebel Alliance".

How Harriet Unleashed a Storm on the Right

Link from Ed Morrissey's Captains Quarters.

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