Monday, October 03, 2005

Ollie North on The Pentagon Lead for Domestic Disasters

Although Ollie North uses the title "Send in The Marines" he is using this as a generic for the US Armed Forces as a lead for domestic disasters. Ollie brings up some pretty excellent points along with the recent headline spinning on the Army and it's recruiting numbers for 2005. But then as most Democrats will tell you 90% of those "volunteering" for service to our country are those from the poor class. Oh yes, this is definitely the opinion out there. See it's only the poor who are stupid or desperate enough to join the military. That's how the MSM has portrayed Service Members hence Mainstream Americans believe this. Along with this thought, the only reason for "volunteering" is to get the educational benefits. Ok, now I'm off this particular irritant for me. Here's a couple of points of Ollie's which need to be reiterated again and again.

But is this what we want our military to be doing? Before we decide to rescind the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, put the Secretary of Defense in charge of disaster relief and give this -- or any other president -- more federal power over our state and local governments, serious questions need to be answered and the facts should be known.

<....>In 1991, at the time of the first Gulf War, the U.S. Army had eighteen active duty divisions. Today, there are only ten. Ronald Reagan's 600-ship Navy has been whittled down to 280 "deployable battle force ships." The Air Force currently fields thirteen active duty fighter wings, half of what it was just fifteen years ago. What is the "extreme circumstance" in which they are to be used for domestic disasters instead of preparing to fight?

HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE :: Send in the Marines? by Oliver North
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