Saturday, October 15, 2005

Off To War

The Discovery Times channel has a series starting tonight (it's the second season) documenting the 101st ABN departure for Iraq. Their site shows snips the about an Arkansas NG unit. From a promo I saw this season is focusing on the 101st ABN's recent departure.

Season 2 premieres tonight at 10 pm ET. There will be a new episode every Saturday in October and November.

Discovery Times :: Off to War

Update: 10/16 - Whoopsidaisy. Wasn't about the 101st, it's about a KY NG Unit. Still was interesting though. Alrighty, this isn't a KY unit. As a commenter has corrected me, it's an Arkansas NG Unit. I don't know why this eluded me so many times, at least it's correct for the record, finally.

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