Sunday, October 09, 2005

The New Olsen Twins from Loreal

I'm tired of all the buzzing around my head regarding GW's nominee for SCOTUS and the abdication of the Republican Party regarding illegal immigration and controlling their audacious appetite for spending my tax dollars. I've got a couple of quizzes sitting in my archives which are recent but I thought this was pretty good. It goes back to my meme about the "Metrosexualization" of Males. You can see here (this is the male thong picture) and here(Bill Clinton and his pink tie) and here (test for whether you're a metrosexual) and finally here (Democrats and Metrosexuals).

Now, not only does Loreal have a line of cosmetics for men but there's now a line for the "New Olsen Twins" who are the new spokesmodels for Loreal. Only these twins aren't exactly female. Well you know there's the term tomboy for girls (of which I was definitely one), now there's girly boys and that's where the new Olsen Twins fall. Aren't they just CUTE! Of course as you know Loreal IS a French company so this shouldn't be too surprising, right? Course I'm wondering just how JP Borda (an avowed extreme fan of the Olsen Twins) is going to respond to this. But I suppose he's going to be just too busy with his upcoming Gallery Show in Dallas.

Debbie Schlussel has the whole scoop.
Debbie Schlussel-Men The New Woman

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