Sunday, October 09, 2005

New Childrens Book - Demonizes Democrats or at Least Makes Them The Bad Guys

I couldn't control myself when I read this story. I mean come on, ya gotta love Congresswoman Clunkton and some of the other characters created with this children's story. It mocks and demonizes Democrats ala Libraland. I guess Rush promoted the book and it was second only to Harry Potter for sales on Amazon. It reminded me of a talk radio host in Minnesota (Joe Soucheray) who has this whole fantasy people, town and lake (NOT Wobegon) where liberals are called Eurphorians. Apparently the Neo Socialist Left isn't too happy with this book and has responded in their normal immature name calling whining.

I love this picture from the book cause well it demonizes Hillary of course! This is a picture of Congresswoman Clunkton!

Telegraph News Wicked witch of Left: how Hillary became a storybook villain

h/t Lucianne.

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