Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Indicted Soldier: "I Was in Iraq at the Time"

A San Antonio soldier indicted for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon says it was an attack that he could not have committed. That’s because the 26-year old Army reservist was overseas fighting for his country at the time. Or at least military documents obtained by the News 4 WOAI Trouble Shooters say he was.

Manuel Eric Herrera’s problems started last week.

WOAI: San Antonio News - Indicted Soldier: "I Was in Iraq at the Time"

Anyone got any New news on this story? The original story is from 9/30/05. I did a search for updates and nothing came out any later than this original story. Apparently this is severely screwing up this Reservist's life as you might imagine.

H/T to BTHOtu from Free Republic.

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