Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Happy 80th Birthday Mom!

This is for my Mother. So if it doesn't interest you just move along. I call my Mom the 'Energizer Bunny'. She just keeps going and going and going. Along that line of thought this woman is an exercise fiend. She can shop til I drop, she’s got the best eye for a bargain, cleans her windows more than anyone else I’ve ever known, loves to bake and cook, loves Emeril, never wants to miss any special events for her grandchildren, she never gives up on her friends and is always there for them, she still has her good friends from HIGH SCHOOL! She's got a heart that "volunteered" as a hospice caretaker for at least 10 years and now volunteers with grade school children. Raised nine "wonderful" children...heh heh. And I keep forgetting to take a picture of her favorite Purple Escort, she loves zipping around their little town in it. She's got quite abit of the wonderlust in her though. Always looking to the next place they can visit which took she and my Dad through quite a number of European countries. She's a lover of all kinds of music but I think especially likes Celtic tunes but her collection covers quite a few genres. All I can say is I sure hope I'm hopping along like she does at the age of 80. I know I'll never live up her character but at least I've always had a great example to follow.

I love you Mom and this time I'll let Dad know to show you this posting.
Mom and Hats
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