Friday, October 28, 2005

Gratuitious Family Photo

Since Katy is busy visiting her soon to be departing brother, there's no SPF today. Here's the one pic from the P's visit that I've got. You always think you've got more time to take more pictures but sometimes sh?t happens. We went to visit The Hermitage which was the home of President Andrew Jackson. It's a great estate to visit. It's not my first time there and I figure it won't be the last. Before getting the plague we also got to the Leipers Fork Chili Cook Off. Aside from the cookoff what was really cool was a group of radio Airplane owners having their own little get together. I couldn't believe it but neither my Mother or Me brought our cameras. These planes were so cool. There must have been 40 of the flyers at one time, I of course was going to go back the next day to take some "cool" pics, well that didn't happen. At the Chili Cooloff they had these nice hats which I asked Dad if he wanted one and he of course said: "No, I don't need that!". I bought one for him anyway and gave it to him a couple days later. He hadn't taken it off except to go to bed by the time they left. Go figure!

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