Wednesday, October 26, 2005

For Those Who Think Harriet Will Be Fine - Read This

Powerline has a posting up which links to a speech from Harriet Miers given in 1993 to the Executive Women of Dallas. My previous posting on Harriet on Oct. 9th was to join the Rebel Alliance which was anti-Miers. Here's bit of what I posted then:
Am I ticked off at the Prez, YES! Do I think the Republican Party has shoved the nose of it's base in the dirt, YES. This is like the triple whammy. Ignore the base on illegal immigration, indulged porking of taxpayer dollars and the one big promise on the nomination for the Supreme Court. No Harriet Meirs does not instill confidence in me. I've been nervous about the Prez nominating Gonzales and instead he's faking with a female look a like with Meirs.
Now after reading this speech of Miers I don't think there is any way Miers can be looked upon as a Constitutionalist. She's not a Centrist. She would be an Activist judge. I think at the age of 60 it's a little bit difficult to change your stripes as dramatically as would be needed to move from Activist towards Constitutionalist within 12 years. She believes that politically charged politicians force Activist Courts to react to frame and pass laws like funding for schools, gender equity/issues, race issues, abortion, taxes, low income housing....the list appears to be unending.
Power Line: Some explaining to do

Update: 10/27. Yes I'm relieved about the Miers nomination removal. Don't think I'll get giggy though til I find out the next nomination from President Bush. I just hope it isn't Gonzales.

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