Friday, October 28, 2005

A Flat Tax With Three Rates. Huh?

You do have to love those Democrats. If they like the way a word or term sounds they use it, forget about whether the application is correct. They'll just change it and pretty soon the public at large (who we all know of course aren't too bright) will accept the fact that a Flat Tax isn't really Flat,well it's more nuanced than that!

See Oregon's Democrat Sen. Ron Wyden's new Flat Tax Proposal:
For individuals, the number of brackets is reduced from six to three: 15%, 25% and 35%.

The Fair Flat Tax Act does retain many of the individual credits, deductions, exclusions and preferences most commonly claimed, including: deductions for mortgage interest and charitable contributions, credits for children, and earned income.

Course in Demospeake one has to add the word FAIR to make the picture complete. Guess I'm not sure why he didn't pull in the word progressive. Maybe he could have called it The Progressive Fair Flat Tax (PFFT!). :: Senator Wydens flat tax is not flat

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