Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Editor: I'm Not Liberal, I Just Act Like One

Found this at Newsbusters. It's about the same old denial of the Journalistic Community. Really, there's no bias! This is about an editor writing about Judith Miller while saying there's only a myth of the "liberal media establishment".

Aside from what Mithridate Ombud points out there's another point which got my attention.

As a group, we tend to be arrogant and nomadic, which too often results in our being quite detached from our communities.

Yes, I'd say arrogant is a truthful characterization (read: Nick Coleman of the Mpls. Star Tribune). But then there's also the "nomadic" point which says to me, yes, if you all congregate towards the East Coast or the West Coast there's an awful lot of mileage in between which you (media types) don't connect or understand. Hence, the meaning of liberal takes on a sliding scale for them. Comparing themselves to other liberals means it's only a matter of degrees from socialism or communism with nothing to compare from a conservative or capitalist or constitutionalist philosophy. That's why media sorts don't have a clue about middle America or about the military. There's very few media types with any military service under their belt any longer.

Editor: I'm Not Liberal, I Just Act Like One

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