Sunday, October 09, 2005

Carnival of the Absurd - LHJ seeks Marital Advice From Bill Clinton

Ladies' Home Journal Asks Bill Clinton for Marital Advice In Fawning Interview

This is why the Neo Socialists/Democrats/Liberals/Left will never understand Conservative Thought. If you can't discern right from wrong, how do you construct any kind of philosophy for living or governance? This example in an interview with Bill Clinton tells me how nonsensical Democrats have become. Tim Graham at NewsBusters has more in this posting. I did like this comment from a reader on the question from LHJ to Bill Clinton:
"Mr. President, what insights and modifications have you felt you have wanted to focus on to keep your marriage now healthy and strong?"

How about, "Don't commit adultery!".

How about, "Don't seek out BJ's from interns your daughter's age" (Monica)

How about, "Don't rape women" (Juanita Broderick)

How about, "Don't drop your pants and try to get secretaries to service your member" (Paula Jones).

How about, "Don't feel up supporters when they come to the White House seeking assistance in times of trouble" (Kathleen Willey)

Or maybe tell the truth, "I'm keeping as far away from the bit*h as possible".

Seriously, asking Clinton about marital advice or trusting his judgement on ethical character is not biased, it is absurd.

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