Monday, October 31, 2005

Are Feelings Enough? Sob Sob

Mike Adams has another great tongue n' cheek column about sexual harrassment at UNC-Wilmington. There are many snickers from me as I read through his column.
Snip(bold is my emphasis):
In the opening lines of your sexual harassment complaint, you stated that you “feel very strongly” that my “sexist, discriminatory language toward the female students at UNC constitutes sexual harassment and violates the existing anti-discrimination policy.” That is an extremely important point, Liza. In order to file a complaint in the UNC system, the plaintiff must have very strong feelings. Feelings are the basis of every decision in our system. Logic and objectivity are irrelevant and probably sexist, too.
These infantile and moronic college females blindly following the rantings of their female college instructors based on "really strong feelings" is so expected. The unexpected is the growth of the Conservative movement on college campuses since these students are the radicals and reactionary's today. Feelings are a wonderful trait for humans, but to use feelings in place of intelligent thought has become a common occurance today. :: Columns :: My apology to Feminist Students United! by Mike S. Adams

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