Tuesday, October 18, 2005

According to WP Biker Reformed Cause He Listens to Air America

Oh yeah, there's no bias in this story. The story is actually boring and I read the entire thing since I wanted to post on a side note made by the WP Staff Writer William Booth. He's writing about an ATF agent who infiltrates the Red Dog Motorcycle gang, William Queen the ATF agent writes a book, Mel Gibson picks up the rights to produce a movie.

But here's the part that was one of those huh? moments for me:
It would not be unusual for an outlaw biker such as Red Dog (even one who now says he is reformed, has kicked his heroin habit, dates an accountant, listens to Air America talk radio and makes a middle-class living driving his own 18-wheeler) to dislike the cop who nailed him, especially an undercover agent and one whom many Mongols considered a blood brother -- until the day they were taken down, on May 19, 2000, in scores of raids in four states by more than 675 sheriff's deputies and ATF agents.

I can understand the stereotype about accountants, but listening to Air America somehow makes a person part of middle America? Why not say Rush Limbaugh then you might actually be talking about some significant numbers of middle America, but Air American represents maybe a thousandth of 1 per cent if that.

The Undercover Lawman Who Went Hog Wild

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