Monday, October 31, 2005

Bare Naked Legs or Police in Heels

Just got this funny video from my friend Ginny. Nothing like some good clean fun looking at men's legs, I do say the second officer does have a rather nice turn of the ankle with the heels and garter though!

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Pumpkin Art~~Country Style

A Military Mom at the Daily Blabs has a Halloween Party going on tonight. We were supposed to costume it up, heh, sorry no costume. I'd come as myself but then I'd scare the little kiddies.

What I've got here is Pumpkin Art that you find in horse country.

Are Feelings Enough? Sob Sob

Mike Adams has another great tongue n' cheek column about sexual harrassment at UNC-Wilmington. There are many snickers from me as I read through his column.
Snip(bold is my emphasis):
In the opening lines of your sexual harassment complaint, you stated that you “feel very strongly” that my “sexist, discriminatory language toward the female students at UNC constitutes sexual harassment and violates the existing anti-discrimination policy.” That is an extremely important point, Liza. In order to file a complaint in the UNC system, the plaintiff must have very strong feelings. Feelings are the basis of every decision in our system. Logic and objectivity are irrelevant and probably sexist, too.
These infantile and moronic college females blindly following the rantings of their female college instructors based on "really strong feelings" is so expected. The unexpected is the growth of the Conservative movement on college campuses since these students are the radicals and reactionary's today. Feelings are a wonderful trait for humans, but to use feelings in place of intelligent thought has become a common occurance today. :: Columns :: My apology to Feminist Students United! by Mike S. Adams

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Soldiers and The American Media

As I watched the Discovery series last night, Off to War I found myself wincing at some of the things stated by these Troops from an Arkansas NG Unit regarding the reasons for going to war in Iraq. If I were one of these soldiers who believed what they believe regarding the build up and rational for going to war, I wouldn't be very happy either. Being away from one's family for an extended length of time is difficult under any circumstance but when you believe that your country has been duped into a war, how does one maintain morale? Putting aside the inaccuracies and outright lies repeated by some of these troops in the series my thoughts move towards the sympathetic for they and their families. Much of the misinformation comes from too often repeated news bites which have in many Americans minds become fact. How to change that? Was it changeable with Vietnam? Not til it was too late and even then, there's a major segment of the US population which still believes the misinformation from the 1970's.

Whose fault is this? The Media? The individual for not using their given ability to delve and investigate further? Politicians for continuously regurgitating the lies for their own political gain? Talking political heads on TV who want this to be a quagmire so this word will be continuously repeated til it's true? I heard it again this morning on Russert's Meet the Press. Ne'er a mention of the recent voting victory in Iraq because this doesn't fit the picture to be presented.

"A Soldier" writes about the effects of all of the above.

Now I ask that you take what you’ve read so far and add to that a large population of ordinary soldiers. The majority of these soldiers are unaware of much outside of the military. Many of them lack extensive formal education and some even lack any semblance of an education at all. Many of these soldiers are also disgruntled at being asked to do their jobs. Now picture these soldiers receiving their news via television, newspapers, emails, phone calls, etc. and all they perceive is negative content about the war, about their government, about their country. Take this tremendous fighting force and preach to them that they have been misled; tell them that they have been lied to, show them that they are not supported, suggest their government is corrupt, label them murderers, and explain to them that in the end we were wrong and now expect them to continue to fight this war in which they have no option to fight.

"A Soldier" leaves us with this quote:
“Opinion has caused more trouble on this little earth than plagues or earthquakes.” – Voltaire

The American Thinker

Read it all!

Over 10,000 Saudi's To School In US Under New Procedures

Yeah, there's new procedures for screening Saudi's to receive visas for school. See, it's ok. The State Department has our back protected. I'm sure absolutely every one of these Saudi "students" will be law abiding students with no malice (like death to me) intended.

I just hope this "New Procedure" includes at least a verification of the address used by the visa applicant. I mean I'd hope that oh a hotel room as an address would not be deemed okay!
Riyadh, Asharq Al-Awsat- More than 10,000 Saudi students will travel to the US to attend university as part of a government-sponsored program following the adoption of new measures by the Ministry of Higher Education aimed at facilitating travel procedures for Saudis. In total, 21,000 Saudis are expected to take part in the program in the next four years.

See it's the Ministry of Higher Education that's telling us what the new and improved streamlined program will be. Huh? So this isn't a program developed by State but by the Saudi's? Well, then, I 'feel' much better. I wonder, is this program similar to the Saudi Visa Express Program which was in place pre-911? We all know how well that worked out. Right?
snip......Fahd al Manur, a student who decided to enroll in the program told Asharq al Awsat, “I do not fear traveling to the US since Americans are a friendly people. Relations between our two countries have greatly improved recently and travel procedures are easier nowadays after being almost impossible following September 11th 2001.” Studying in the US would be a dream come true, he added, despite recent events. King Abdullah’s visit earlier this year strengthened bilateral relations and “reassured Saudis.”

Currently studying in the U.S., Mohammad al Mateeri described the initiative as an important step and described how in eight years of living in the US, “I have never been hassled, save for an increase in security checks to which a country is entitled to when protecting its citizens.”

I'm so relieved that Manur doesn't fear traveling in the US. But I can say without equivocation that I'd be scared shitless traveling in his. Why? Maybe it's because his government produces, distributes and supports hatred and violence against Christians and Jews. Maybe it's because Islamic Facists from Saudi Arabia like to behead non-Muslims and the Saudis look the other way because most believe that Non-Muslims must be subjugated.

It's very comforting to know that Manur has encountered a 'few' security checks in 8 years. (btw-how long does it take to attend a 4 year college?). I would really hate for there to be any restrictions whatsoever on a visitor to this country especially if that visitor is from Saudi Arabia. I mean, afterall, what has Saudia Arabia ever done to us? Obviously, Norman Minetta is doing a great things as secretary of TSA. What things you ask? One is that there is no directed screening for Visa holders visiting from Saudi Arabia. Thanks much Norman for watching our back!

Asharq Alawsat Newspaper (English)

h/t Lucianne

Linked to the October 31st Guard the Borders Blogburst. Even though this isn't about our borders it does concern immigration security.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Gratuitious Family Photo

Since Katy is busy visiting her soon to be departing brother, there's no SPF today. Here's the one pic from the P's visit that I've got. You always think you've got more time to take more pictures but sometimes sh?t happens. We went to visit The Hermitage which was the home of President Andrew Jackson. It's a great estate to visit. It's not my first time there and I figure it won't be the last. Before getting the plague we also got to the Leipers Fork Chili Cook Off. Aside from the cookoff what was really cool was a group of radio Airplane owners having their own little get together. I couldn't believe it but neither my Mother or Me brought our cameras. These planes were so cool. There must have been 40 of the flyers at one time, I of course was going to go back the next day to take some "cool" pics, well that didn't happen. At the Chili Cooloff they had these nice hats which I asked Dad if he wanted one and he of course said: "No, I don't need that!". I bought one for him anyway and gave it to him a couple days later. He hadn't taken it off except to go to bed by the time they left. Go figure!

A Flat Tax With Three Rates. Huh?

You do have to love those Democrats. If they like the way a word or term sounds they use it, forget about whether the application is correct. They'll just change it and pretty soon the public at large (who we all know of course aren't too bright) will accept the fact that a Flat Tax isn't really Flat,well it's more nuanced than that!

See Oregon's Democrat Sen. Ron Wyden's new Flat Tax Proposal:
For individuals, the number of brackets is reduced from six to three: 15%, 25% and 35%.

The Fair Flat Tax Act does retain many of the individual credits, deductions, exclusions and preferences most commonly claimed, including: deductions for mortgage interest and charitable contributions, credits for children, and earned income.

Course in Demospeake one has to add the word FAIR to make the picture complete. Guess I'm not sure why he didn't pull in the word progressive. Maybe he could have called it The Progressive Fair Flat Tax (PFFT!). :: Senator Wydens flat tax is not flat

American Red Cross Effectiveness Questioned

The whole question of the effectiveness of the Red Cross is coming under the microscope for good reason. Personally, I'm not sure how much of the blame-game from Katrina should be used in any post mortem on any agency other than the State of Louisiana and the City of New Orleans. Katrina is not a good yardstick to be using for any debate due to so many failures which started at the state and local level with the domino affect mushrooming out to all other response groups. But I do think that the Red Cross has serious issues and I personally have not donated to the organization for more than 5 years.

What comes through in this article though is the contentious issue between Local vs National chapters of the American Red Cross Organization. There's alot of well thought out information here. The section on service to Black vs White areas to me is bogus and useless information since this is a false premise to begin with I think. Seems as though the more pressing issue is urban vs rural assistance with Katrina.

All that said, Charmaine Yost had an interesting contest taking place in September which was on CEO Salary Comparisions between The Salvation Army and the American Red Cross. The results (of the 4 non-profits are from Jack Yost) are interesting:

CEO Todd Bassett (National Commander Salvation Army) $166,850
CEO Marsha Evans (American Red Cross) $651,957
CEO Ralph Dickerson Jr. (United Way of NYC) $420,000
CEO Thomas A. DeStefano (Catholic Charities USA) $116,362

Additional Note: What is not included in these salary numbers are paid for perks for the CEO's. I'd be willing to make a bet there's a significant span between the top two salaries and the bottom two salaries. That doesn't even touch on the possibility that there is any bonus or comp plans in addition to the salary.

I think the above salaries for Non-Profit CEO's pretty much clears up the picture as to which organization will do more with it's donated funding than any financial statements will display. At least from my perspective that's how I look at it, it's an easy and clean to the point manner to make a decision on where my dollars would go.

Red Cross Borrowing Funds for Storm Aid

Thursday, October 27, 2005

New Way To Watch Your Back

Buck Sargent has a photo too awesome to describe. It's hysterical and precious at the same time.


Sometimes It Takes A Bike!

David Furst / Agence France-Presse / Getty Images
Sgt. Hector Alvarado, with Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 84th Infantry Regiment, rides a children's bicycle as he is pushed along by his comrades during a foot patrol through southern Baghdad on Sunday.
You have to admit this picture just makes you smile, at least a grin.

Stars and Stripes Fly High

Senior Airman Jet Fabara / U.S. Air Force
With the American flag emblazoned on its underbelly, the F-117 Nighthawk with tail number 782 flies past spectators at the open house and air show at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., on Saturday. More than 120,000 people attended the event. The Nighthawk here is the oldest of five prototypes.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

For Those Who Think Harriet Will Be Fine - Read This

Powerline has a posting up which links to a speech from Harriet Miers given in 1993 to the Executive Women of Dallas. My previous posting on Harriet on Oct. 9th was to join the Rebel Alliance which was anti-Miers. Here's bit of what I posted then:
Am I ticked off at the Prez, YES! Do I think the Republican Party has shoved the nose of it's base in the dirt, YES. This is like the triple whammy. Ignore the base on illegal immigration, indulged porking of taxpayer dollars and the one big promise on the nomination for the Supreme Court. No Harriet Meirs does not instill confidence in me. I've been nervous about the Prez nominating Gonzales and instead he's faking with a female look a like with Meirs.
Now after reading this speech of Miers I don't think there is any way Miers can be looked upon as a Constitutionalist. She's not a Centrist. She would be an Activist judge. I think at the age of 60 it's a little bit difficult to change your stripes as dramatically as would be needed to move from Activist towards Constitutionalist within 12 years. She believes that politically charged politicians force Activist Courts to react to frame and pass laws like funding for schools, gender equity/issues, race issues, abortion, taxes, low income housing....the list appears to be unending.
Power Line: Some explaining to do

Update: 10/27. Yes I'm relieved about the Miers nomination removal. Don't think I'll get giggy though til I find out the next nomination from President Bush. I just hope it isn't Gonzales.

Here's A Book That Won't Compete With "American Soldier"

A few nights ago Mark Christopher a local radio talk show host interviewed Gen. Janis Karpinski who just published her new tell all book about Abu Ghraib. I can say one thing without doubt, this woman was promoted in the 90's because of her gender. That said, it was interesting to hear someone at that rank blame everyone while taking absolutely no responsibility herself. The interesting thing that she said was almost all of her time in "Iraq" was actually spent in "Kuwait"! Hmmm. Interesting how that works. When asked about Lynnde England participation, she responded that Lynnde had been instructed by higher ups to participate in the "torture". Course what never came up was why a suppy clerk was ever around the prisoners in the first place. She called England and the others along with herself as being scapegoats for the administration and Sanchez. See it was all Sanchez's fault. He and Rumsfeld and Bush planned the whole torture scenario at Abu Ghraib. The woman is a total and complete disgrace. I almost hate to promote her book by mentioning the title but it's "One Woman's Army : The Commanding General of Abu Ghraib Tells Her Story". It's worth going to Amazon just to read some of the reviews on the book. There's a review which says this is the absolute truth about torture and who is responsible.

Then there's this review:

(Arizona) -
See all my reviews This is a story by a woman who, by her own admission, failed to perform even the basics of her job (to know what was going on, make effective protests up the chain of command where needed, provide requisite training to her troops, provide an outlet around the chain of command for complaints and special problems), was on some sort of power trip (seemed to especially like playing with "toy soldiers" - eg. parades, saluting), apparently was promoted only on the strength of the fact that she was female, and then spent 90% of her time complaining that she wasn't accepted because she was female. Early in the book Karpinski expressed her love of the Army - especially military courtesies, and the discipline of parade ground reviews - every regular soldier's nightmare. One very valid point that she did make was that the problems with prisoners were not limited to Abu Ghraib, though she then went on to blame her second in command - L. Col. Phillabaum, for her problems. Gen. Karpinski had been in command at Abu Ghraib for about 6 months before the scandal erupted, knew there was a problem with training at the start, was reminded of that fact by a superior - and still she didn't do it. Karpinski points out that Abu Ghraib was a mess when she got there, later states that it was in good condition after renovation, and still later claims it was again a mess. So, who knows. As I initially alluded, Karpinski's book is mostly a summary of slights against her as a woman in the Army - despite the fact that women had different physical standards and job limitations! I also got the strong impression that she was "patch happy" (wanted to get a combat patch), though do credit her for going through Airborne training. Other problems included her superiors not wanting to release anyone from Abu Ghraib because they would leak the Army's raid strategies), and the obvious fractured chain of command within the area that Military Intelligence was involved. (Karpinski reports that this has been repaired.) After reading "One Woman's Army" I am certain glad womens' roles were much more limited when I was in the Army!
Note-bolding is mine for emphasis.

Update: 10/30/05 Mudville Gazette reviews the drama and misinformation campaign surrounding Abu Ghraib in light of Karpinski's book.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Gunner Palace on Military Channel

Just thought I'd give you a heads up.

Millitary Channel ::
Episode :: Gunner Palacesearch.
On Air (et): OCT 27 2005 @ 08:00 PM.
OCT 27 2005 @ 11:00 PM.
OCT 28 2005 @ 03:00 AM.
Military Showcase. Gunner Palace. Witness ...


Out of Commission

Yup, I'm sick as a dog. Got a urinary tract infection (UTI) and let me tell you, it's painful. My head hurts, all my joints hurt, my stomach and back hurt. Saturday and Sunday my temp was in the 102-103 range. I got lucky cause my parents are here and finally on Sunday they made me go to the walk in clinic.

I did an interview with Daniel Muniz of the National Summary . Daniel was focusing on female bloggers.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Fifteen Senators Supported The Coburn Amendment

What's the Coburn Amendment you ask? That's an attempt by Senator Tom Coburn to cut some of the pork projects from the Federal Budget. Mark Tapscott has the transcript of an interview between Jeff Rabbin and Senator Coburn. That plus some of the other info provided by Tapscott is an interesting insight into the money grubbing minds of many of our Senators. I noticed that not one of my former state Senators voted for the amendment (that would Coleman and Dayton) nor did any of my current state Senators vote for the amendment (Frist and Alexander). Then of course there's John Thune who so many worked to help a "conservative" get elected in South Dakota, Thune also voted down the amendment.

From Tapscott the list of 15 who voted to cut pork in the budget to be used for Hurricane Katrina funding:

Allard (R-CO)Allen (R-VA)Bayh (D-IN)Burr (R-NC)Coburn (R-OK) Conrad (D-ND)DeMint (R-SC)DeWine (R-OH)Feingold (D-WI)Graham (R-SC) Kyl (R-AZ)Landrieu (D-LA)Sessions (R-AL)Sununu (R-NH)Vitter (R-LA)

I think voters should remember these few (except of course for Mary Landrieu of LA since it's her own self interest to up the anty for LA funding).

Is Tom Coburn Tough Enough?

H/T Powerline

Who Will Protect U.S. Culture and Entertainment From The UN and France?

Here's more anti-Americanism via the UN and France. The funny or odd thing is how this will affect the U.S. entertainment industry. I just wonder how those Europhile UN loving Hollyweird's will react to trade restrictions on their products? They're so infused with Euro/UN brainwashing they'll probably think this is a positive event!

Most of the 190 members of UNESCO, the UN cultural agency, are expected to vote overnight for a "convention on cultural diversity", which enshrines on a global level France's longstanding policy of subsidising its arts and imposing quotas on American films and music.
France spends tens of millions of dollars each year to subsidise its film industry, theatre and opera. It also protects music and TV production with strict quotas on the amount of non-French songs and programs that may be broadcast on radio and TV.
As noted the definition for the word "culture" is up for debate, especially when it comes to the French or UN.

The Australian: UN to back France against US culture [October 21, 2005]

h/t Lucianne

Friday, October 21, 2005

PBS Frontline On Torture Discussion going on at Froggy's Place

Matt's posting on this PBS special is no surprise to me. In addition to Matt's postings there's a VERRRY IN-teresting comments string to read.


Legislation would nearly double H-1B visa limit

It's quite obvious to me that no one up on Capital Hill gives a fig about their constituents. With all of the layoffs around IT jobs you would think just maybe those on The Hill might want to rethink this strategy. But as with anything relating to immigration(legal or illegal) I'm confident public sentiment will be ignored. This is all about depressing salaries for U.S. workers.

Legislation would nearly double H-1B visa limit - Computerworld

h/t Lucianne

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Update On Marine Gunnery Sgt Michael Burghardt

Marine Gunnery Sgt. Michael Burghardt, right, and Nebraska Army National Guard Sgt. George Goodon of Hastings look toward gunfire near Ramadi, Iraq. Goodon was providing security while Burghardt looked for a bomb wire.
Found this update from my referral log via site visits from this forum:

This again is from Omaha World-Herald and will require a free registration. Use the link to Bug Me Not (on my right sidebar) for a log in and password if needed.
The sight of Marine Gunnery Sgt. Michael Burghardt scrambling and poking through a dirt mound searching for explosives drew smiles Tuesday from Sgt. Joe Dunlap of Lincoln and other Nebraska Army National Guard soldiers.

Reaction to Burghardt's photo (see here)
The photo appeared on numerous Marine-related Internet weblogs. Burghardt received more than 100 e-mails within days of the picture's publication. It has become a screensaver on soldiers' and Marines' computers across Iraq.
Burghardt's response to this fame?
"I don't know how my anger turned into a motivational picture," Burghardt said.

He was back on the job:
His first day back out was Oct. 13. But Tuesday was his most active, handling three missions with the CAV's 1st Platoon.

It's great to see an update on this Marine.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I've got family in town for a week (The Parents). I actually had to stock my refridgerator (just in case you saw this picture from a few weeks ago. Also have been doing some cooking and baking (yes I know that may be shocking!). Thank goodness my gimp knee has almost recovered so it doesn't interfere with tourist excursions.

Did find this picture to leave you with for today.

Race For The Cure Grants Funds To Planned Parenthood

Just thought I should give you all a reminder about the upcoming Race for The Cure. Some of your fund raising dollars could be going to Planned Parenthood. Apparently the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston has found this out too since they have broken ties to Saturdays Race for the Cure. Columbia, SC: Catholic diocese pulls support from Race for the Cure

I noted this previously in a posting from February 23, 2005.

Here's the posting reprinted:
RACE FOR THE CURE - Breast Cancer Foe Gives Big $$ to Top Abortion Provider

CNS News

So Race for the Cure grants almost half a million each year to Planned Parenthood. Hmmm. And they don't see a problem with that, pretty ironic considering that there are supposedly studies which link abortion to breast cancer.

A foundation that uses events such as the "Race for the Cure" to raise money to fight breast cancer is jeopardizing women's health by using some of those funds to support local chapters of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, according to a former advisor to the foundation.

<.....> examination of Planned Parenthood's recent annual reports shows that while the organization's overall revenue has increased five years in a row and the number of abortion procedures performed at Planned Parenthood clinics has soared during the same period, the number of breast exams conducted at Planned Parenthood facilities in 2003 (the most recent year available) fell by 13.3 percent.

UN Invites Mugabe To Speak At World Food Day

The "Useless Nincompoops" of the UN have Mugabe speak at World Food Day. I am continually amazed by the insufferable stupidity of the communists running the United Nations. Can anyone tell me why it is that the United States stays in the UN? Why is the UN even in the United States?

Of course one of the first things Mugabe did was to call President Bush Hitler. This coming from a brutal dictator who has bankrupt one of the most prosperous farming areas in Africa.

Here's what Mugabe said:
In his speech extolling Zimbabwe's land-confiscation policy, Mugabe compared Bush and Blair's partnership in the war against terrorism to that of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in World War II — amid cheers from U.N. delegates.

Also on hand at the celebration was Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, who used the occasion to accuse the U.S. and our allies of threatening "all life on the planet." Chavez praised Mugabe's policies, and said Venezuela was enacting similar "reforms." Mugabe and Chavez were photographed embracing happily, like the two birds of a feather they are.

Investor's Business Daily: Robert Mugabe: U.N. Poster Boy

H/T Free Republic - Robert Mugabe: U.N. Poster Boy Posted by Kitten Festival

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Wow - 20% Failure Rate on SBA Loans from 911

At the time of Sept. 11th the small company where I worked was already struggling. I was trying to dig them out of 20' hole without taking on more debt since they were already leveraged to the hilt. Quarter Four of 2001 and Quarter One and Two of 2002 were extremely painful. The partners wanted to take out a 911 SBA Loan while the company was already paying off another SBA Loan from before my time. The worst part about that loan? It was for equipment the company never received. D'oh! When the topic came up about another SBA Loan I just said nope, I'm not doing it. If you want you'll have to go through the process. My recommendation is cut, cut, cut and you the partners will have to go without a salary. Don't feel too sorry for them they still had quite a few legitimate expenses running through the company which most employees have to pay themselves. I'd never worked for a small company before, always had the big bucks of "Corporate" behind me. I thought it was stressful working through a system cutover for 30 hours straight but this took the cake over that. It's livin' on the ledge not the edge. But then, one of the partners had to be treated differently, she couldn't manage where myself and another director went without. Torqued me off. In the end the company made it through the hard times by literally watching every penny, what a difference for me. In previous postitions I used to call a difference of $100k flyshit. By the time I left the company had liquid cash of that amount in the bank. But, the bad spending habits were back and I was tired of being the bad guy trying to control something out of my control.

Apparently this was a big issue with those 911 SBA loans because a failure rate of 20% is pretty darn high. When will government ever learn? Probably never.

Guardian Unlimited World Latest AP: $1 Out of $5 in 9/11 Loans in Default

h/t Lucianne

According to WP Biker Reformed Cause He Listens to Air America

Oh yeah, there's no bias in this story. The story is actually boring and I read the entire thing since I wanted to post on a side note made by the WP Staff Writer William Booth. He's writing about an ATF agent who infiltrates the Red Dog Motorcycle gang, William Queen the ATF agent writes a book, Mel Gibson picks up the rights to produce a movie.

But here's the part that was one of those huh? moments for me:
It would not be unusual for an outlaw biker such as Red Dog (even one who now says he is reformed, has kicked his heroin habit, dates an accountant, listens to Air America talk radio and makes a middle-class living driving his own 18-wheeler) to dislike the cop who nailed him, especially an undercover agent and one whom many Mongols considered a blood brother -- until the day they were taken down, on May 19, 2000, in scores of raids in four states by more than 675 sheriff's deputies and ATF agents.

I can understand the stereotype about accountants, but listening to Air America somehow makes a person part of middle America? Why not say Rush Limbaugh then you might actually be talking about some significant numbers of middle America, but Air American represents maybe a thousandth of 1 per cent if that.

The Undercover Lawman Who Went Hog Wild

Monday, October 17, 2005

Here's Your Opportunity to ask a Question

An offer has been made by Fastest Squirrel to ask a question of Paul McHale (Asst Sec. of Defense for Homeland Defense). Remember it's for a constructive question, FS will pass it along when meeting later in the month with McHale.

The Fast Squirrel: Prepared for Katrina?

Teacher Accreditation Dependent on "Dispositions" Evaluation

Unfortunately when I read this article by John Leo I wasn't surprised. This is just typical of those in upper hierarchy of the teaching profession. Goes in league with teachers unions which overwhelmingly donate significant percentages of member dues to Democrat candidates.

The cultural left has a new tool for enforcing political conformity in schools of education. It is called dispositions theory, and it was set forth five years ago by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education: Future teachers should be judged by their "knowledge, skills, and dispositions." What are "dispositions"? NCATE's prose made clear that they are the beliefs and attitudes that guide a teacher toward a moral stance. That sounds harmless enough, but it opened a door to reject teaching candidates on the basis of thoughts and beliefs. John Leo: Class(room) warriors (10/24/05)

Read it and weep. He's got examples of a strong arming group think for future teachers.

H/T Lucianne

Sunday, October 16, 2005


El Capitan at Dude, Where's The Beach?, tagged me on Thursday.

Seven things I want to do before I die:
1. Meet and Marry my Prince
2. Eat without worrying about my weight
3. Start my own business but first I have to figure out what I want to be when I grow up
4. Learn and become proficient in woodworking
5. Live long enough to see a Jetson-like Personal Aircraft Vehicle (PAV heheh) to replace the
6. Get a navigation system in my next vehicle
7. Ride in an Apache Helicopter (without getting sick)

Seven things I can do:
1. Make smartass remarks in a deadpan face
2. Good at cooking, baking, sewing - just don't do it much anymore
3. Hosting and planning family events
4. Budgeting my finances
5. Meeting deadlines and creating deadlines
6. Taking pictures at family events
7. Supportive friend

Seven things I cannot do:
1. Anything artistic
2. Anything having to do with motors or engines
3. "Get" jokes I'm slow on the uptake
4. Drive someplace new without getting lost at least once
5. Sing or play a musical instrument
6. Ride on amusement park rides without getting sick
7. Organize junk drawers

Seven things I say a lot :
1. Oops!
2. Whoopsidaisy
3. Whatever
4. Yeah
5. You know
6. Crap
7. Then there's a few naughty words I mumble

Seven things I find attractive in a Male (this is a fluid list):
1. Smile or grin
2. Butt
3. Short hair or bald (yeah I like baldies)
4. Long fingers or large hands
5. Muscular arms and legs
6. Quick wit
7. Reliability

Seven celebrity crushes? I don't have the typical celeb crushes since I'm not big on Hollyweird types nor sportspeople:
1. Vin Diesel
2. Mel Gibson
3. Michael Yon - I have no clue what Yon looks like but I'm so in awe of what he's done with his reporting in Iraq
4. Jeffrey U. - old BF. He's a celeb in my eyes
5. Marine - Marlboro Man - I just really liked that photo
6. Marine Gunnery Sgt Michael Burghardt (One Finger Salute) - ditto on the liking the photo
7. ??

Seven people who have nothing better to do than to get tagged:
1. Mark at White Lightning Axiom:Redux
2. NOTR at RofaSix
3. Katy at The Dirty Days
4. A Military Mom
5. SnakeEater-MistakesWereMade
6. Gina at Gee Dubya
7. Greta at Hooah Wife

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Off To War

The Discovery Times channel has a series starting tonight (it's the second season) documenting the 101st ABN departure for Iraq. Their site shows snips the about an Arkansas NG unit. From a promo I saw this season is focusing on the 101st ABN's recent departure.

Season 2 premieres tonight at 10 pm ET. There will be a new episode every Saturday in October and November.

Discovery Times :: Off to War

Update: 10/16 - Whoopsidaisy. Wasn't about the 101st, it's about a KY NG Unit. Still was interesting though. Alrighty, this isn't a KY unit. As a commenter has corrected me, it's an Arkansas NG Unit. I don't know why this eluded me so many times, at least it's correct for the record, finally.

Buck Sargent's Novella - 1st Installment

If you haven't stopped by Bucks blog lately you don't want to miss the first segment or chapter on his novella. It certainly kept me interested to the end.


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Friday, October 14, 2005

Band of Brothers Back for Iraq

In case you haven't read about this:

FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. - The 101st Airborne Division on Thursday reactivated a historic unit whose actions during World War II were the subject of the book "Band of Brothers."

The 506th Regimental Combat Team - also known as the "Currahees," a Cherokee Indian word meaning "stands alone" - returned to the division just as its soldiers were completing final preparations to return to Iraq.

snip.....The unit - then called the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment - was among the first to land in Normandy during World War II. The Army deactivated and reactivated the unit several times, sending its soldiers to Korea and Vietnam, where the unit was critical to winning the battles on Hamburger Hill.

Band of Brothers Back for Iraq

Stupid Is As Stupid Does - Random Screening

Michelle Malkin linked to this column/form which can be sent to your Representatives and Senators. It's another example of the idiotic random screening set up by Norman Minetta. I will never understand President Bush keeping Minetta on in the position of Transportation Secretary. Minetta is a synonym for the phrase Politically Correct. He's an example of why you don't want Democrats in positions of protecting American citizens. In Hugh Hewitt's words "Cause they're going to get me killed".

If you can, print it and fax it to your Congressional representatives. I don't understand why Congress has allowed Minetta to continue on this road to nowhere.

Linked to Mudville Gazette Open Post

Gov Richardson Wants a Chance to Screw Things Up Again With North Korea

What exactly does Bill Richardson think he's doing? Didn't he allow Zipper Suit Man to con him before? Richardson helped Zipper Suit Man further his nuclear arms program in the 1990's, this is a level of arrogance that only a Democrat would attempt. Except maybe for Sen. John McCain who thinks he's exempt from all the rules since McCain is a perennial candidate for the Presidency.

Richardson leaves Saturday and will arrive in North Korea on Monday for three days of talks, his spokesman, Pahl Shipley, said late Thursday.
Gov. Richardson heading to N. Korea for talks - Asia-Pacific -

h/t Lucianne

Self Portrait Friday - Being a Jerk A$$??

I'm going to get back at A Military Mom for this one somehow. Katy took her up on the suggestion though. I have no idea on how to portray being a jerk a$$ in a picture other than flinging out a lewd type of gesture. I'll refrain from doing that, I'm better at being a jerk a$$ by way of words. So, I'll just use this picture which is a year old now. I always told the former BF that the stiff I'm hanging onto was my main squeeze! Maybe that's what happened?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Terry Moran Defending The Indefensible

I've been debating with myself how exactly to describe Helen Thomas. Is she the hag that arose from the dead? Is she the leftist moonbat who overstayed her brain functions in the White House Press Corp? Or has she always been an idiot who couldn't write her way out of a box? When Helen Thomas asks a question in a White House Daily Briefing I have always been amazed at the restraint of the Bush spokeman. Personally, I'd say just a moment Helen. Then I'd want to walk up to the old bat and whack her on the side of the head. Then I'd say Helen. YOU ARE STUCK ON STUPID!!

So Scott McClellan says to Helen that she has never supported the war in either Iraq or Afghanistan and Terry Moran decides to use this defining moment to argue with McClellan that where does he come up with that kind of statement about Helen. Well duh, Terry. Have you been asleep through all of the last 4 years worth of briefings? Guess Terry was aasleep. I don't believe Helen should get points because she's even beyond the point of dementia and has devolved back to the drooling stage of an infant. Gawd that woman irritates me.

Go read the transcript yourself.

Scott McClellan Says Helen Thomas Opposes 'War on Terrorism'

How She Slipped Through - John Fund

Fund cuts to the quick with this editorial. The whole Mier's nominating process does not look good.

From Fund:
Mr. Lubet, the Northwestern professor, says "all the built-in incentives" of the vetting process were perverse. "In business you make an effort to have disinterested directors who know all the material facts to resolve conflicts of interest," he told me. "In the Miers pick, the White House was sowing its own minefield."

"It was a disaster waiting to happen," says G. Calvin Mackenzie, a professor at Colby College in Maine who specializes in presidential appointments. "You are evaluating a close friend of the president, under pressure to keep it secret even internally and thus limiting the outside advice you get."

Indeed, even internal advice was shunned. Mr. Card is said to have shouted down objections to Ms. Miers at staff meetings. A senator attending the White House swearing-in of John Roberts four days before the Miers selection was announced was struck by how depressed White House staffers were during discussion of the next nominee. He says their reaction to him could have been characterized as, "Oh brother, you have no idea what's coming."

OpinionJournal - John Fund on the Trail

Radical Left of Yore Keeps Suing Viet Nam Legacy Org.

Jamie Glazov interviews Mary Jane McManus who is the wife of former VN POW Kevin McManus. The Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation was formed to counteract all of the lies and inuendo's spewn about by John 'fing Kerry and his cohorts from the Vietnam Veterans against the War. This group of liars and cheats may not be around today in the name of VVAW but they are around spewing the same lies and inuendos about Vietnam and now about Iraq. What is amazing to me is the number of times Kerry and these people are suing either this foundation or other Vets against Kerry. Sounds to me like a smear campaign backed by some big bucks like maybe the Heinz Foundation? That couldn't be could it?

There's something very sick about people who can't tell the truth even after 30 years. Not only do they continue perpetuating the lies but are making up new lies ala Cindy Sheehan. If you try to counteract their lies they just sue you.

It's an interesting and enlightening interview.

FrontPage :: Suing Kerry by Jamie Glazov

There's also this which I posted a couple days ago where Jason at CounterColumn has more information on another aspect on this subject.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Response to Patrick Ruffini's Request

Did you get an email from Patrick Ruffini? I did and to be honest I don't know Patrick and maybe I've visited his blog but I don't remember. Since Patrick is now going to be the eCampaign Director for the RNC he's asking for ideas on how to advance the Republican cause online.

WELL......Dr. Phat Tony also got the same email. He has some truly marvelous, wonderful and entertaining ideas for Patrick to review.

Here's just one (this is one of the more low key suggestions) :
You guys are pissing me off with all the spending. Tax cuts=good. Spending like a 17 year old girl at the mall with daddy’s credit card=bad.

Dr. Phat Tony's: I'm Helping the Republicans

Caught in "The Act" by US Military

This is another one of those videos which I don't remember where it came from but it's been over a year so I know the video is at least from 2004. What I found to be the most amusing part about this video (aside from couple in the open vehicle) is the comments and giggles in the background. The original filename of this video is OH-58D-JRTC.avi.

Powered by Castpost
You can also view from my Castpost site via this Link.

Castpost does appear to be having some traffic issues right now, you either load right away or it's basically busy. You will need to retry, the site isn't unavailable.

Outside the Wire

Documentary from JD on his old Marine Corps unit in Iraq. Maybe you remember the picture I had posted quite awhile back of the Marine with the puppy on his chest, that was JD's photo (Brawler Puppy).

Tired of the daily news from Iraq? Tired of the daily report on the latest car bombing?

So was J.D. Johannes, which is why he went to Iraq to get the story first hand.

J.D. spent three months in Iraq with his old Marine Corps unit producing syndicated news reports for television stations in Kansas and Missouri. He is now turning those reports into a documentary in cooperation with KTWU, a PBS affiliate in Topeka, Kansas.

If you like what you see on the Faces From The Front website, you will love the documentary.

J.D. will be returning to Iraq to continue filming Silver platoon and conduct more interviews with the military leaders in Iraq.

But filming in Iraq is not cheap. Your tax deductible contribution to KTWU will be used to finance the next round of filming in Iraq and post-production after Silver & Gold platoons return home this Fall.

Every contribution to KTWU is tax deductible and will help cover the expenses of filming in Iraq. A $5 dollar contribution buys a digital tape. A $100 contribution covers the cost of converting 10 minutes from tape to an encoded master.

Your support is needed to tell the story of these brave men serving our country.

Faces from the Front: American Marines in Iraq - Outside the Wire
This is the first trailer:
This is the second trailer:

JD could use some financial help as he stated above. If you can help him out here's the link. Personally I commend this PBS Affiliate for assisting in the sponsorship of this documentary.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Judge Rules No Christmas Tree For The Capitol

Yes, I took a bit of liberty with the title, but the result of this judge's ruling does validate the title. Here's the effect of judicial activism to favor enviromental wacko's. This is asininity personified.

Judge James K. Singleton of the Eastern District Court of California ruled in July against a project to remove charred and damaged trees, which could kindle a future fire, in the Sequoia National Forest. The court said last month in a follow-up ruling that its decision in Earth Island Institute v. Ruthenbeck applies nationwide, rather than just to the local dispute.

So ONE district court judge was able to put the Forest Service on hold indefinitely. How can a district court judge rule for the entire country?
Here's what is affected from this ruling:
Court documents and Forest Service memos show that the permits immediately suspended include hundreds of projects nationwide for fire prevention on tens of thousands of acres; nearly 100 guide permits for hunting, fishing, horseback riding and fishing; 150 wildlife habitat projects; 165 permits to maintain camp grounds and trails; 15 ski area projects that may shut down the upcoming ski season in some areas; and 40 permits for family reunions and Boy Scout and Girl Scout activities. Under the new requirement of public notices, comment periods and appeals, the tree selected from a New Mexico forest for this year's Christmas display on the Capitol lawn would arrive around Valentine's Day.

Forest Service, bowing to court, embraces Scrooge-Nation/Politics-The Washington Times, America's Newspaper

But then if anyone watched some of the House debate last week on trying to loosen up restrictions on environmental strangleholds on endangered species and refineries this shouldn't be a surprise. The wailing and gnashing of teeth by some of the Democrats was hysterical. I mean they were acting hysterical. The point some Republican Representatives are trying to accomplish is for new smaller regional refineries to be built so if one region is hit by a disaster the rest of the country isn't hamstrung by having to import all refined gasoline which significantly increases the cost per gallon. But oh no, that would be a horrible idea.

Use of Reasoned Debate and Jihadi's Doesn't Quite Compute In My Mind

In an opinion piece Bernard Haykel (Assoc. Professor of Islamic Studies at NYU) says:
The West needs to understand that reasoned debates take place within jihadi circles and that such reasoning can change minds. <..snip..>

THE West should refrain from interfering in this evolving debate. Western governments should not shut down jihadi Web sites or expel the movement's dissenters, many of whom reside in the West or write from prisons in the Middle East. Rather, they should allow this process to take its course. <..snip..>

Terminal Debate - New York Times

After doing a search on Haykel it appears he is seen as a voice of reason for Islam and often was referenced with the Flight 93 Memorial. But his opinion here is ludicrous. We should leave jihadi web sites alone? We should not expel jihadi's from our country? I don't buy that a jihadi is capable of reasoned debate first of all. These are people who chop off heads! This Haykel is telling us these same people are capable of reasoned debate? Nope, not drinkin' his koolaid here. I don't think there is a way to change the thinking of jihadis except through killing them.

h/t Lucianne

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Got To Meet One Of My Heroes Today

It may not have been for more than a half minute but I'll take it. He even commented on The Spreadsheet Expert. In fact I spoke for almost 5 minutes with Neil Cavuto, he was joking around about the SE. He wondered if she ever "messed" in her bag. I told him of course not! She's a conservative dog so she's very well behaved.

Highly Decorated Viet Nam POW Sues John Kerry You Can Run But You Can't Hide

Jason at CounterColumn has the amazing story and more links. This could be very interesting.

COUNTERCOLUMN: Former POW Sues John Kerry

Sunday, October 09, 2005

On Harriet-I'll Have To Join Capt's Qtrs. Rebel Alliance

I haven't written anything on the latest George Bush nomination for SCOTUS but I've been thinking about it quite a bit. Am I ticked off at the Prez, YES! Do I think the Republican Party has shoved the nose of it's base in the dirt, YES. This is like the triple whammy. Ignore the base on illegal immigration, indulged porking of taxpayer dollars and the one big promise on the nomination for the Supreme Court. No Harriet Meirs does not instill confidence in me. I've been nervous about the Prez nominating Gonzales and instead he's faking with a female look a like with Meirs.

I also know from a national party perspective they think those like myself will just roll over and follow the party leadership, well I got news for them. That's not gonna happen. I will still work for candidates I believe in but the state and national Republican Party will not see one thin dime from me until the party starts to look again like a group of leaders who believe in keeping our country safe through protecting our borders (and this doesn't mean a lame amnesty look alike program) and start to exercise fiscal restraint in spending programs (this includes farm subsidies, foreign aid, UN aid, corporate welfare, school welfare, NOLA welfare, Alaska welfare....I could go on forever on this note) and finally to walk the talk on believing in our U.S. Constitution as a governing document which is NOT living and breathing as we speak. There are a number of other things that bug me currently about the bulging voracious monstrosity of a Federal Bureaucracy which is inept and failing but there's only so much outrage I can muster at a time.

For now, I'll just join the group that Ed classifies as the "Rebel Alliance".

How Harriet Unleashed a Storm on the Right

Link from Ed Morrissey's Captains Quarters.

Carnival of the Absurd - LHJ seeks Marital Advice From Bill Clinton

Ladies' Home Journal Asks Bill Clinton for Marital Advice In Fawning Interview

This is why the Neo Socialists/Democrats/Liberals/Left will never understand Conservative Thought. If you can't discern right from wrong, how do you construct any kind of philosophy for living or governance? This example in an interview with Bill Clinton tells me how nonsensical Democrats have become. Tim Graham at NewsBusters has more in this posting. I did like this comment from a reader on the question from LHJ to Bill Clinton:
"Mr. President, what insights and modifications have you felt you have wanted to focus on to keep your marriage now healthy and strong?"

How about, "Don't commit adultery!".

How about, "Don't seek out BJ's from interns your daughter's age" (Monica)

How about, "Don't rape women" (Juanita Broderick)

How about, "Don't drop your pants and try to get secretaries to service your member" (Paula Jones).

How about, "Don't feel up supporters when they come to the White House seeking assistance in times of trouble" (Kathleen Willey)

Or maybe tell the truth, "I'm keeping as far away from the bit*h as possible".

Seriously, asking Clinton about marital advice or trusting his judgement on ethical character is not biased, it is absurd.

Linked to Mudville Gazette Open Post

New Childrens Book - Demonizes Democrats or at Least Makes Them The Bad Guys

I couldn't control myself when I read this story. I mean come on, ya gotta love Congresswoman Clunkton and some of the other characters created with this children's story. It mocks and demonizes Democrats ala Libraland. I guess Rush promoted the book and it was second only to Harry Potter for sales on Amazon. It reminded me of a talk radio host in Minnesota (Joe Soucheray) who has this whole fantasy people, town and lake (NOT Wobegon) where liberals are called Eurphorians. Apparently the Neo Socialist Left isn't too happy with this book and has responded in their normal immature name calling whining.

I love this picture from the book cause well it demonizes Hillary of course! This is a picture of Congresswoman Clunkton!

Telegraph News Wicked witch of Left: how Hillary became a storybook villain

h/t Lucianne.

The New Olsen Twins from Loreal

I'm tired of all the buzzing around my head regarding GW's nominee for SCOTUS and the abdication of the Republican Party regarding illegal immigration and controlling their audacious appetite for spending my tax dollars. I've got a couple of quizzes sitting in my archives which are recent but I thought this was pretty good. It goes back to my meme about the "Metrosexualization" of Males. You can see here (this is the male thong picture) and here(Bill Clinton and his pink tie) and here (test for whether you're a metrosexual) and finally here (Democrats and Metrosexuals).

Now, not only does Loreal have a line of cosmetics for men but there's now a line for the "New Olsen Twins" who are the new spokesmodels for Loreal. Only these twins aren't exactly female. Well you know there's the term tomboy for girls (of which I was definitely one), now there's girly boys and that's where the new Olsen Twins fall. Aren't they just CUTE! Of course as you know Loreal IS a French company so this shouldn't be too surprising, right? Course I'm wondering just how JP Borda (an avowed extreme fan of the Olsen Twins) is going to respond to this. But I suppose he's going to be just too busy with his upcoming Gallery Show in Dallas.

Debbie Schlussel has the whole scoop.
Debbie Schlussel-Men The New Woman

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Friday, October 07, 2005

You Need a Dog! Yes, You do.

Barb and Trevor have soft hearts for dogs that get dumped on the roadside by cruel and heartless people. They have their own animal rescue going at their home in Northern Georgia. The problem is that Trevor is preparing to deploy to Iraq and Barb is trying to work full time and take care of 15 dogs. She has decided to try to adopt out a few of these rescued dogs. If it's possible for you to help out, please go check out this posting.

The Will to Exist Blog Archive Woo

Self Portrait Friday~~Old Clothing You Still Own

Katy's theme for today is a picture in the oldest piece of clothing you own and tell it's history.

It's really too bad, before my move I got rid of two full packed Explorer loads of mostly clothes and some other useless junk. A lot of it was clothing for real winters but there were quite a few clothing items I had been keeping for I have no idea why. I don't know how this dress escaped the trash heap. It did nothing for me then and definitely does nothing for me now! Okay, so here's the story of the dress. I got it in 1985 and you ask, why do you know when you got the dress? Well........the company I was working for did this tv commercial and I was in the commercial for about a nano-second and got this company Emmy with the date on it to tell me the approximate time frame for the dress. And how exactly does this fit in? During the filming of the commercial I met the ad agency creative director, we ended up dating for a few months and this dress was needed for a formal event we attended. I always felt like a 13 year old trying to be a grown up in this dress hence it was only worn once. Did you see the ugly belt? The shoulder pads are awful. The sleeves are real blousy and the fabric is that see-throughy kind of stuff. The little black dress it ain't.

Gore:The Sore Loser Is Whining Again

This is just so predictable it's pathetic. Since Al Bore can't make his "for profit" cable channel 'Current' successful he whines that's it's all the fault of those "Big Bad Corporations". Bwahahahaha.
He said the high cost of entry into television means that the only ideas that get debated are those that can pass muster with the corporations wealthy enough to broadcast.

Gore: T-V has ruined `marketplace of ideas'

Hey Al, maybe it's because you're such a whiny big baby Socialist Puke that you're not capable of running anything of a capitalist framework.


If you haven't considered buying this CD you really should. The lyrics alone will make you cry at times. These guys have done an incredible job considering how they produced this CD. I can't recommend this CD enough. You really should check it out. Between Ahmed Razooki and Lay Your Head Down I always get a mist in eyes when listening. Then of course "WE Hate Terrorists" is a definite keeper.


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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Teddy Bears and Soldiers

Yes, I love to see photos of Soldiers with animals, children and teddy bears. I find them endearing, showing the humanity side of our military. But I do have a soft spot for Teddy Bears!

U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Bryan Townsend leaves Forward Operating Base 1, Hit, Iraq, with a stuffed animal to present to an Iraqi child while on patrol with Iraqi Security forces and Marines from 2nd Platoon, India Company, 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment. Pic: Lance Cpl. Shane S. Keller, U.S. Marine Corps

Iraq Pictures

Katy nailed the appeal of photos like this one for myself and her in the comments:
I don't know what it is, but there is something sexy about a man with a big gun and a teddy bear!!!

What do you think, well, the women anyway! ~~grin~~

Indicted Soldier: "I Was in Iraq at the Time"

A San Antonio soldier indicted for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon says it was an attack that he could not have committed. That’s because the 26-year old Army reservist was overseas fighting for his country at the time. Or at least military documents obtained by the News 4 WOAI Trouble Shooters say he was.

Manuel Eric Herrera’s problems started last week.

WOAI: San Antonio News - Indicted Soldier: "I Was in Iraq at the Time"

Anyone got any New news on this story? The original story is from 9/30/05. I did a search for updates and nothing came out any later than this original story. Apparently this is severely screwing up this Reservist's life as you might imagine.

H/T to BTHOtu from Free Republic.

Illegals Working at JSOC, Ft. Bragg Exposed

How many times is this going to happen before DHS gets their act together. So, the 3 were working for a contractor, 2 had counterfeit documents and one was labeled as an illegal (although I'm not quite sure how that differs from the other two). These 3 men (2 from Indonesia and 1 from Senegal) were working at JSOC teaching foreign languages! I'm not comforted by the statement by the JSOC spokeswoman that these 3 had no access to classified material. There's alot of information which can be acquired without classified access. The article doesn't say how long the 3 were at JSOC which would be good to know.

I'd also like to know just how these 3 entered the country. - News - Three Working At Fort Bragg Charged With Immigration Violations

Happy 80th Birthday Mom!

This is for my Mother. So if it doesn't interest you just move along. I call my Mom the 'Energizer Bunny'. She just keeps going and going and going. Along that line of thought this woman is an exercise fiend. She can shop til I drop, she’s got the best eye for a bargain, cleans her windows more than anyone else I’ve ever known, loves to bake and cook, loves Emeril, never wants to miss any special events for her grandchildren, she never gives up on her friends and is always there for them, she still has her good friends from HIGH SCHOOL! She's got a heart that "volunteered" as a hospice caretaker for at least 10 years and now volunteers with grade school children. Raised nine "wonderful" children...heh heh. And I keep forgetting to take a picture of her favorite Purple Escort, she loves zipping around their little town in it. She's got quite abit of the wonderlust in her though. Always looking to the next place they can visit which took she and my Dad through quite a number of European countries. She's a lover of all kinds of music but I think especially likes Celtic tunes but her collection covers quite a few genres. All I can say is I sure hope I'm hopping along like she does at the age of 80. I know I'll never live up her character but at least I've always had a great example to follow.

I love you Mom and this time I'll let Dad know to show you this posting.
Mom and Hats
Mom and Great Grand ChildrenMom with Her Family(minus one son & family)

Editor: I'm Not Liberal, I Just Act Like One

Found this at Newsbusters. It's about the same old denial of the Journalistic Community. Really, there's no bias! This is about an editor writing about Judith Miller while saying there's only a myth of the "liberal media establishment".

Aside from what Mithridate Ombud points out there's another point which got my attention.

As a group, we tend to be arrogant and nomadic, which too often results in our being quite detached from our communities.

Yes, I'd say arrogant is a truthful characterization (read: Nick Coleman of the Mpls. Star Tribune). But then there's also the "nomadic" point which says to me, yes, if you all congregate towards the East Coast or the West Coast there's an awful lot of mileage in between which you (media types) don't connect or understand. Hence, the meaning of liberal takes on a sliding scale for them. Comparing themselves to other liberals means it's only a matter of degrees from socialism or communism with nothing to compare from a conservative or capitalist or constitutionalist philosophy. That's why media sorts don't have a clue about middle America or about the military. There's very few media types with any military service under their belt any longer.

Editor: I'm Not Liberal, I Just Act Like One

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Pork That Looks Like Salmon!

I'm so glad that Alaska which receives huge dole out's of taxpayer largesse. In fact very huge but this is such an egregious example that Alaskans should be ashamed. There's also just a bit of nepotism involved in this little ol' deal. Found this interesting information via Blake at NashvilleFiles.

This was $500,000 worth of Federal Taxpayer Dollars! Sweet.

NashvilleFiles Blog
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Texas-Music - A Place You Should Visit

Found Texas-Music from Brian at GoldFalcon. Jack at Texas-Music is irreverently funny and interesting and is in the cop business. He did a stint working in New Orleans and has some stark comments about the situation. But this posting is on the tv show "Over There". Oh and he's got a great little piece on what Jack calls the "gangrape" of Michael Brown.

Texas Music

Monday, October 03, 2005

Deployment and Relationships

Buck Sargent has a little bit of free advice to those of you who may be or will be deployed on how to maintain and/or strengthen your marriage/relationship.
The Army’s divorce rate has soared in the past three years, as longer and more frequent combat deployments have placed additional strain on those “married to the military.”

Since the martial response to 9/11, the marital attrition among active duty Army personnel has nearly doubled, even as total troop strength remained stable -- and at a time when the overall U.S. divorce rate is steadily drifting downward. Tellingly, survey responses indicate that the top fear of deployed soldiers and their family members is a loss of a significant relationship -- surpassing even death or major injury.

AMERICAN CITIZEN SOLDIER-Zen and the Art of Marital Maintenance

Ollie North on The Pentagon Lead for Domestic Disasters

Although Ollie North uses the title "Send in The Marines" he is using this as a generic for the US Armed Forces as a lead for domestic disasters. Ollie brings up some pretty excellent points along with the recent headline spinning on the Army and it's recruiting numbers for 2005. But then as most Democrats will tell you 90% of those "volunteering" for service to our country are those from the poor class. Oh yes, this is definitely the opinion out there. See it's only the poor who are stupid or desperate enough to join the military. That's how the MSM has portrayed Service Members hence Mainstream Americans believe this. Along with this thought, the only reason for "volunteering" is to get the educational benefits. Ok, now I'm off this particular irritant for me. Here's a couple of points of Ollie's which need to be reiterated again and again.

But is this what we want our military to be doing? Before we decide to rescind the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, put the Secretary of Defense in charge of disaster relief and give this -- or any other president -- more federal power over our state and local governments, serious questions need to be answered and the facts should be known.

<....>In 1991, at the time of the first Gulf War, the U.S. Army had eighteen active duty divisions. Today, there are only ten. Ronald Reagan's 600-ship Navy has been whittled down to 280 "deployable battle force ships." The Air Force currently fields thirteen active duty fighter wings, half of what it was just fifteen years ago. What is the "extreme circumstance" in which they are to be used for domestic disasters instead of preparing to fight?

HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE :: Send in the Marines? by Oliver North
There's more, go read the rest.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

On Serving in Peace and War

This guy has an interesting take on how the media or anti-military/anti-war types ignored military body counts for years, his story starts out from a posting by Powerline on Casualties in Times of War and Peace. Then Kevin R. C. "Hognose" O'Brien goes on to detail some of the people he's know who were injured or killed during his time in Special Forces. It's just an interesting read, no one in the media will care whether they use correct numbers or are myopic in their vision.

On Serving in Peace and War

Found the site via Siegrist Blogs

101st Airborne Deploys to Iraq

Some of you may have already seen this video since it's been around since OIF I but I have to say it's one of the better videos out there. The end of the video offers a sobering wakeup to the sacrifices our Soldiers pay. But on that note, I'd say this video is the one I go back to watch since I got it from a good friend with the 101st who has just returned to Iraq for his second long deployment.

Link to my video site for this video

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WWW MyView