Friday, September 02, 2005


My furniture is arriving in about 30 minutes. My back can't wait to sit on a comfortable chair or even better sleep on a real bed! Course there's the downside, I also get all those boxes I packed and will now need to be unpacked. But oh, to have a couch, bed, chair. That's just so special.

Update: 9/2/05 8pm: I had great movers. No surprises, no horror stories just really nice people. There were a couple dings but not a big deal. It's a huge relief to get the logistics of this move done. I'm still amazed everything worked! I impressed even myself, lol.

Vewwy early tomorrow I'm off again for one more week in Minnesota. A few days at the parents and a couple of days of work. Then it's back to Tennessee to put my house in order. Should be interesting to see what gas is going to cost me tomorrow. I'll be in touch in a few days.

Everybody, have a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend.

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