Sunday, September 25, 2005

What the Left Thinks is Humor - Soldier Satire

If you have any kind of high blood pressure condition I would caution you from reading this sick and demented characterization of an American Soldier. I found this link in the comments section of Citizen Smash, thanks (I think) to Remy. This is a satire of an older American Soldier in Iraq.

Here's a bit to get your dander up:
Me soooooooo hornnnnnny.." Colonel Pooner yelled out as he grabbed his weapon and opened fire. "Me boo-coo horny! Me teach you morals and values! Me bangie-bangie mama-san!" He continued the verbal assault, along with the "RAT-A-TAT-TAT" of his weapon at the 'Raqis in the street.
Republican Humor and Conservative Satire
There's more that's even more disgusting than this. Look at the supposed bio for Col. Morton T. Morton. But as we all know, the left Supports out Troops, they just don't support the war!

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