Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What DOES It Mean To Help "Your" People?

Michelle Malkin has an interesting posting up today titled " WHO ARE "MY PEOPLE?". She posits something I saw an example of last week while I was in Minnesota visiting with my parents. I was watching the Fox Affiliate 9pm news, they were doing a segment on Minnesotans helping out the victims of NO. A part of this was an interview with a Black woman who lived in Edina (I think it was Edina and to those not from the area, Edina is a very affluent suburb of Mpls). From the video you could see this woman and her husband had an extremely nice and well decorated home. Here's the part that astonished me, the woman said she was opening her doors to a family from NO because she needed to help her own!! As I was watching the video what she said didn't sink in immediately but within 10 minutes I was pondering what she had said. See, the Black woman applied to take in a victim family but all were going to Camp Ripley first I think. So, my thought was, what would happen if the family assigned to this Black Woman was white?? Or did she specify a Black family only?

Upon further pondering of this news segment, I wondered if a White Woman had said the same thing to the reporter about helping "her own" would Fox have proceeded with the interview? I mentioned this to a couple people later on and no one thought anything of it but it continued to chafe at me. So, is this the only situation where this woman will help out victims of a disaster(and I will clarify that this is only one)? Do we have to be racially specific to assist our fellow Americans? Cause that sure sounds like what this woman was saying.

Michelle Malkin further points out this bias occurring without question from anyone in the Media. I just wonder if I were to say in an interview on the local news, I wanted to help my own. To me this would mean Americans, not just white Americans or black Americans or asian Americans or you get my drift. According to this story, it's okay I guess to imply the race you will be assisting cause I've heard nothing outside of what Michelle noted from anyone in the Media.

Linked to Mudville Gazette Open Post.

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