Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Two Party System - Doesn't Mean Who Spends The Most Pork

Where are the Republican "Fiscal" Conservatives of the 1990's? They no longer exist, todays Republicans consider bringing home the bacon to be more important than controlling spending.

Anti-Strib has good postings on this very topic.

Snip from Tracy's When will the Democrats get their shit together?
This leaves us with some lazy, fat, pathetic Republicans who will continue to win elections without any stiff competition. With each victory, they will become more and more deaf to the real needs of their base. It's easy to spend like a drunken sailor when your opponent wants to spend even more.

The most frustrating part to me, falls within Tracy's last post hoping for rigorous competition in the political arena of ideas. Without any real pushback in his own party, President Bush will simply rubber stamp whatever the Congress approves, and even avoid any sound ideas of his own, so that he can look "compassionate". Screw compassionate, how about responsible, or maybe fiducial. (For you Liberals, fiducial means looking out for our money as if it
were his own.)

Such short memories politicians have! They seem to have forgotten what happened with the last election of George Bush I against William Jefferson Clinton AND Ross Perot. Republicans don't like their politicians to act like Democrats when it comes to spending.

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