Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tort Reform Does Work - Look at Mississippi

It has been long known that class action lawyers shopped for judges in Mississippi which has resulted in some horrendous successes with class action lawsuits. The only one making money off of these lawsuits are the attorneys. Finally, Mississippi made changes and the results appear to be truly outstanding. Opinion piece written by Mr. Ross is a Mississippi state senator and chairman of the senate judiciary A committee.

Jackson Action In Mississippi, tort reform works.
Here's one example:

Not surprisingly, the demise of mass-tort litigation has resulted in a decrease in litigation costs. The CEO of one Mississippi company recently told me that his company's legal bills were reduced by $70,000 a month as a result of the reform. Litigation expense does not produce value for most members of our society. It is merely a transaction cost in the transfer of wealth to compensate injured persons. To be justified, the transfer process must be fair.
OpinionJournal - Cross Country

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