Monday, September 19, 2005

South Korea - An Ungrateful Nation

This latest exhibition of Anti-Americanism in South Korea reinforces my belief the U.S. Military forces should be removed from the area. I know there are people who will say there are strategic reasons not to do this. Why should the U.S. put up with a nation who doesn't want US Troops on it's soil and continually denigrates the support of the U.S.

The gist of the story is the Anti-Americans in SK are calling for the removal of the statue of Gen. Douglas McArthur. Through the years apparently this statue has been the subject of defacement and damage. A group of US politicians are requesting that SK return the statue to the U.S. rather than SK tearing it down. The symbol of American liberation of South Korea is a symbol of derision in South Korea. I know the total removal of American Troops from SK won't happen but after 50 years haven't we done enough? South Korea doesn't need U.S. financial or military support any longer.

Snip of story:
SEOUL, South Korea — Five U.S. lawmakers have written South Korea’s president to express concern at protests calling for the removal of a statue of U.S. Gen. Douglas MacArthur from Inchon, the coastal city where he led a daring landing during the Korean War.

<.....>The 15-foot statue was built in 1957 to commemorate the landing by MacArthur-led U.N. forces in September 1950, just months after North Korea invaded the South.

The landing, then behind North Korean lines, gave the U.S.-led forces a foothold that allowed them to drive the Northern army across the border. China later entered the war on the North’s side, pushing the U.N. forces back. The conflict ended in a stalemate in 1953.

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Update 9/20/05: Holly in doing the Dawn Patrol for Mrs. G. at Mudville Gazette references this posting by GI Korea Blog on the Korea Times Advocates Moving MacArthur Statue? Beyond the posting itself be sure to read the comments. At least in reading the comments I find I'm not alone in my thoughts on South Korea.

Part of one comment:
The problem is that it isn't as small a problem as a few rabblerousers. The Times editor is not the only voice of influence in Korean social institutions.................But these two editors are just part of a much larger trend in educated Korean society. It touches all adults. It is found in the National Assembly too, and it is in pop culture...........

Another comment:
usinkorea, it seems that you and I are part of a small minority that believes anti-Americanism is much more deeply rooted in Korean society than what most ex-pats think. Call me pessimistic if you will, but beneath the surface of Korean society there is a swell of anti-Americanism just waiting to burst.

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