Sunday, September 11, 2005

September 11th, 4th Anniversary

Doug Giles writes in todays column:
You know that after Osama and al-Zawahiri viewed the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent mayhem that ensued in New Orleans, they are sitting back in some Pakistani cave toking on a big hookah, laughing their a**es off, praising Allah, and stepping up their game to hit the U.S. again. And hard. And soon.

For me, watching Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco handle the New Orleans/ Louisiana debacle is like watching Moe and Curly trying to work a Rubik’s cube. Those two gave me all the relief that half a Tums did the other night after eating three grease laden chimichangas covered in Scorned Woman Habanera Pepper Sauce®. Suffice it to say, after watching this entire fiasco unfold on the Gulf Coast, that I’m not getting the “our homeland is secured” feeling from Homeland Security.

Giles recommends a book to read:
Author Paul Williams is not singing any sleep-inducing lullabies in his latest work, The Al-Qaeda Connection: International Terrorism, Organized Crime and the Coming Apocalypse. Williams’ new book will blister your soul as you read the well-known, truly apocalyptic, yet sinfully unreported data in this heavily footnoted 231-page hot, pithy tome.

What Giles writes is a preface for my thoughts on September 11th, 2005, The 4th Anniversary. When I think back on how September 11th changed my life there are short term and long term effects from that day. What was most vivid to me was how most everyone at my workplace paused only briefly to watch the footage and then continued on with work. I was completely distracted and absorbed by the unfolding events of that day and the following weeks. My co-workers and the partners response to the attack was profoundly disturbing to me.

The division in the country I think started or continued from the election of 2000 immediately. I always hear people say there was a brief unity in the country for about 2 months. This was just packaging, there was never a unity in the country. I think those on the left either changed their stripes from the event and woke up or veered further to the left. The Neo-Socialist Democrats couldn't stop themselves from politicizing the event by Bush Bashing. He didn't do enough, he didn't do enough fast enough....blah blah.

I see the difference with the Media in not showing the bodies falling out of the windows or the sound of the those bodies hitting roofs or the ground. This is the same Media whining today that they should be allowed to display the bloated bodies from Katrina. Without getting myself too worked up about the Media, lets just suffice it to say they have lost any respect I had left for them.

I can't say that I do anything differently today because of September 11th. I already preferred to travel by car. I had traveled extensively for my work and looked for a position which didn't require any air travel time. I haven't taken an air flight since April, 1999. With the changes from DHS the chances of me getting on a plane are not high. Although I'm sure I will, but it will never be something I'll do even on an annual basis.

I have zero confidence in the Norman Minetta of the Transportation Dept. I will never understand why in the hell President Bush retained Minetta. That angered me prior to September 11th. The caterwalling from the Neo-Socialist Democrats is what created the Department of Homeland Security (along with gutless politicians). I see this department as a bloated monolith which is ineffectual due to it's size and bureaucratic mumbo jumbo. People who wait for the government to take care of them are useless idiots. I will make a distinction here, our US Armed Forces. Regardless of what you know and think about the DOD, when push comes to shove things happen and problems are solved.

The deployment of troops to Afghanistan started me on my way to supporting our Troops in a real way. I initially found a few names of soldiers in Bosnia and moved on from there. My connection with deployed Soldiers has been one of the most gratifying and growing experience for me. I have met some of the best people and made some wonderful friends by reaching out. I would say this connection probably has been the most major and long term change for my life. From this I found the milbloggers which eventually got me into blogging. This has expanded my life to find a connection to people who are like minded but also to people who probe and stretch my thinking.

Unfortunately, I don't believe the majority of the people in this country understand the U.S. is at war and that it is a war of civilization. It's the Islamic Facsists vs. Free Peoples. The propaganda and bias of print and tv along with the sound bite news medium has dumbed down news dissemination, Americans are spoiled and complacent and I often wonder with the continuing road to a Socialist Government how long it will take for the U.S. to succumb to subservience. For each thing we hand over control to the Federal Government we lose a piece of our liberty and freedom here in the U.S.

Quote from John Adams
"... democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy that did not commit suicide."

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