Saturday, September 24, 2005

Protest Warrior at Support The Troops Weekend

Powerline received an email from Edward at GlobalCop who traveled from Chicago to join the anti-protesters in D.C. this weekend. Edward has pictures posted from last night.

Here's one of his where I thought the sign about said it all, "Iraq Gave Code Pink The Purple Finger".

Here's his photo:

Besides the great pictures Edward noted this:
Last night in front of the White House I met a young medic, Kate, who returned from Iraq three months ago and is now working as a nurse at Walter Reed medical center. She told me that anti-war protestors have egged her car and screamed "murderer" as she pulled out of the parking lot of Reed.

It's so nice to know the "Peace" protesters are staying true to form. Nothings changed for these miscreants in 40 years! Edward is going to continue posting pictures throughout the weekend so check out his site for updates.

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