Tuesday, September 13, 2005

One Veteran's Incredible Journey and Help for Katrina Victims

BlackFive has a link for this and if you didn't see it be sure you go read what this man did on his own without any government involvement. It's just an amazing story. He's a doer!

When I heard that Biloxi was savaged, I immediately thought about my best friend Tracy. Tracy was a Master Sergeant with me in the US Air Force and we were stationed together for several years. Friendships formed in the military are far stronger than anything a civilian can experience.

<....>What do I do? A plan. A plan is a good thing and helps you anticipate difficulties before they become disasters. I would need transport. I personally own an ex-army vehicle called an M35A2, better known as a deuce and a half. It is 30 years old, has ten driven wheels and is still camouflaged in its original paint scheme. All 3 axles are driven and it is one of the best all-wheel drive off road vehicles in existence. It also has a large cargo bed, with a 5 ton load carrying capacity. Perfect for getting large quantities of food and water into remote areas with difficult terrain.
Lone Star MVPA - ('05 Hurricane Katrina Experience)

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