Thursday, September 15, 2005

More Insanity From DHS(Dept Homeland Security)

Foreign "Hurricane Relief Workers" Allowed Entry With Virtually NO Screening

I don't know about you but this absolutely puts my anger and frustration with the DHS in the "ballistic" category. I find it extremely difficult to believe there is a high demand for foreign Katrina relief workers.

I'm quoting out of context here for brevity so be sure and go read this posting in it's entirety:

Where admission in a nonimmigrant category is authorized, generally the individual will not require employment authorization as it will have been determined that their activity in the United States would not constitute employment under the immigration laws.

If the individual is not in possession of the appropriate passport and visa, the documentary requirements will be waived without fee.

Where other grounds of inadmissibility exist (e.g. criminal, security, prior immigration violation, etc.), CBP may consider granting parole provided:

In addition there is this further note from TJ Bonner(president of the Border Patrol Council):

Also, I'm getting reports that the number of Cubans arriving in South Florida is escalating dramatically, and they are telling our agents that the word on the street in Cuba is that the Coast Guard and Border Patrol are too busy helping in the Gulf Coast to patrol the waters in Florida.

Linked to Mudville Gazette Open Post.

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