Friday, September 30, 2005

Marine Col. Jeff Vold & Lt. Col. James MacVarish Know

From Katherine Kersten we hear from Vold and MacVarish the effect of the anti-war protesters ala Cindy Sheehan on the troops on the ground.
MacVarish says that the terrorists can't win militarily. So their strategy is to make the U.S. and Iraqi people "bleed a little every day." They hope that the resulting media attention will turn the tide of American opinion against the war, and make the political cost of sustaining it too high. "The more play the press gives Cindy Sheehan," MacVarish concludes, "the better the terrorists' chances are of ultimately succeeding here."
Katherine Kersten: Reservist says protesters are breaking faith
Go read the rest of what Vold and MacVarish have to say. This is probably the only way you'll ever see anything remotely negative about the anti-war protesters in the Mpls. Star Tribune!

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