Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Little Family Photos

I got a couple of photos I thought I'd post of my Mom. She's an awesome lady, really. Almost 80 years old, gave birth and raised 9 children and put up with a wild Italian husband for 60 years. We call her the saint! She's also a physical fitness nut. Today for example, we started out the day with an hour walk, then after we got back to the house she rode her bike to the fitness center and worked out on the machines for 40 minutes. Rode the bike home and picked up me and we went for an hour Pilates class. She wanted to know if I would go to her aerobics class with her tomorrow. Ahh, no I have to drive back to Mpls then!!

Here's a picture of the two of us on the dock. And here's a picture of her flexing some muscle!! You need muscles both in mind and body to raise 9 kids.
Good thing she never reads my blog, cause I'd probably catch it good for the muscle picture.

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