Sunday, September 25, 2005

LA Politics - Corruption as 'epidemic, endemic, and entrenched

To be honest I'm pretty darn sick and tired of Louisiana politicians. Their finger lack of responsibility and finger pointing to anyone but themselves makes me downright angry (and yes, I watched Russert this morning, I shouldn't have). In fact, I get to a point where I want to say to them either grow up or take a time out (actually, I'd say more but this is supposed to be polite company). The convoluted claims of racism do not make me more sympathetic to the plight of those less fortunate than myself. It makes me not want to help them at all. I'm fed up with the whining and dependence on anyone but themselves. I do realize there are many in Louisiana who have been giving, heroic and stalwart through this disaster and to those I emphathize but the whining drowns them out. I worry about giving any Louisiana politician access to any Federal Funds for rebuilding. It will go down the black hole of graft and corruption of the Democrat Machine in that corrupt state.

The funding New Orleans did receive was often diverted by the city's Levee Board to other projects. For example, the Board spent $2.4 million of levee funding on a Mardi Gras fountain near Lake Pontchartrain, and $15 million more on overpasses to riverboat casinos. All the while, a big storm was on the horizon.

Mark Alexander: Disastrous politics

Update 10:25 pm: I just heard Drudge on his radio program announce that the Louisiana delegation just requested $40 BILLION just for the Army Corp of Engineers for rebuilding the levees. Now, who is going to say NO?? Someone had better say no to this group of con artists and flim flam politicians.

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