Friday, September 16, 2005

Katy's Self Portrait Friday

The theme was to picture yourself with something around house or being creative. Katy, you're creative, I'm an accountant and the only creative thing I know is called "Creative Accounting 101"! But I do have a few pics from my week in Minnesota.

This is a boat that was renamed and repainted by my friends 'son' so you can guess what's on his mind!Remember a few weeks back I had a pic with me wearing the Mortar Maggot Tee, this is the little fella who loves all things Army who got the tee.Whenever the little kids see the Spreadsheet Expert they all want to hold her and she dutifully goes along with them in her own long suffering way for our Princess.Even 14 year olds do what guys gotta do....Show Their Muscles for the girls!As long as the Spreadsheet Expert has her Bag to cuddle up in she's happy. She goes into restaurants, retail stores and even the library (sneaky) with me. I had her with me for a final lunch with co-workers last week and we were sitting there for 10 minutes and I finally let them know she was in the bag. She's very quiet and still, but it's really nice for a 1000 mile ride in the SUV!I have been wanting to take a pic of this Pumpkin for a couple years but am too obsessed to stop the vehicle to take a picture when I'm moving on the interstate. These trips back and forth from MN and TN aren't sight seeing trips, they are meant to get from one place to another in the shortest time possible with as few stops as possible. Seriously, I'll pull up to the pumps on fumes sometimes. Anyway this time I figured I'd try to take the picture while driving. I was amazed that I actually got the Pumpkin in the frame. I do like Rural Art so I can now add this to my collection.

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