Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Junk science attorneys are now going after Dupont in a class action lawsuit over unproven health effects supposedly caused by PFOA(perfluorooctanoic acid). Just think, Bill and Hillary Clinton will now have no protection whatsoever! I always thought they had a teflon coating protecting them throughout their whole political career. I mean look at this picture. We all know that if you had removed Hillary and inserted George W. Bush the media for SURE would have run this photo and it would constantly be all over the internet.

In July attorneys filed a $5 billion class action lawsuit against DuPont over the alleged health effects of perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA.

There are 14 plaintiffs, though that's just the start. "The class of potential plaintiffs could well contain almost every American that has purchased a pot or pan coated with DuPont's nonstick coating," explained attorney Alan Kluger.

The remedies demanded include replacement cooking utensils, "medical monitoring" of plaintiffs, research funding, and the ubiquitous warning label. There also would be ample fees for the two law firms involved.

Observes Kluger: "I don't have to prove that it causes cancer.

Doug Bandow: Claims against Teflon simply don't stick

Note: I know this is gratuitous use of photo but I do like to put this photo out for all to see on a somewhat regular basis.

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