Monday, September 19, 2005

Here's My Fear

Even though Truth Laid Bare and Instupundit are working to make this not happen, here's the response of the Administration to the question of what could be cut:
A top Administration official involved in implementing the President's plan for reviving the part of the U.S. ravaged by Katrina said last week that he "cannot name any programs that will be cut" to pay for the relief effort.

At a White House briefing September 16th, Claude Allen, domestic policy advisor to President Bush, told me that "we did not focus" on cutting or eliminating any program in order to pay for Katrina relief without adding to the deficit.

HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE :: White House 'Cannot Name Any Programs That Will Be Cut' to Pay for Katrina Relief by John Gizzi
This goes along with President Bush's inability to veto a spending bill.

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