Thursday, September 01, 2005

The elite doesn't understand the South

I'll have to take Matt at his word here since I have no TV and haven't had any throughout this disaster. I have a radio but pictures in this instance do say a thousand words.

<...>As early as Monday afternoon, we realized the storm was far more devastating than was being reported by the TV news networks. For starters, our sources said New Orleans would start to flood by daybreak Tuesday. They also explained how entire foundations of the Southern economy had been erased, such as the burgeoning casino resorts along the Mississippi coast.

By late Tuesday night, we had been told off the record that the death toll of about 80 being announced would possibly swell into the thousands.

So why on Tuesday night was network television airing shows like "Tommy Lee Goes to College," instead of providing wall-to-wall live coverage of this historic,
catastrophic event?

<....>And why in the world was the stock market rising both on Monday and Wednesday?

I'll tell you why. It's because the know-it-alls in New York and Washington don't have a clue about the American South. They don't comprehend its political might and economic muscle, and thus the ultimately crippling impact Katrina is going to have on them, too. It's that simple.

<...>earthquakes in California and attacks on New York warrant the full attention of the world, but life-threatening emergencies in the swamps and "backwoods" of the South don't.
Matt Towery: The elite doesn't understand the South

It would appear Matt is point on with his assessment though. I just hope people who keep yakking away about 'bio' this and 'bio' that would realize the US keeps delaying and delaying oil exploration development and the building of new refineries will continue to up the price of not only gas for their vehicles but for too many products to enumerate. I think for each state who isn't willing to build a refinery the price should be at least double for any oil or gas purchased. Maybe some of the people who think the environment is more important than commerce will change their minds after the prices double and quadruple. This has been going on since the Jimmah Carter years and people need to get over it.

Oh and one more thing. How about people start to hammer their Representatives and Senators for the Fed's to suspend the Federal Gasoline tax. I think it's somewhere around 30% of the cost of a gallon of gasoline. Next, go after your State government. I know that MN had approved an increase in the gas tax last spring. Just think about how much of the cost of that gallon of gas is going towards a pork barrel road in Ted Kennedy's Boston or a bridge to 50 people in Alaska. Then of course it could be for a new Robert Byrd highway or building. Instead of indicting all of the oil companies how about indicting the trough of our State and Federal government?

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