Monday, September 12, 2005

CROWS to the rescue

I found this blog from the comments at Major K's.

CROWS??? What is that you ask. It stands for "Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station". It is a new weapons station designed to protect our soldiers from sniper fire and IED explosions by taking the Turret gunner out of the turret and placing them inside on the Armored vehicle. Think of this like a video game. They now have a Day camera, Thermal camera, a Laser Range Finder(LRF), and a ballistics computer. All of these combined, give the soldier a much more accurate and lethal weapon while protecting them. I am here to teach the soldiers how to use this new mount along with keeping it operational.

CROWS to the rescue

There was a comment about problems with heat affecting it's operation. Here's a later posting:
Well, I noticed a comment complaining about the heat not allowing the system to operate. That was true. The internal components were not originally designed to withstand the temperatures of Iraq. This was not discovered until the summer time when the temperatures reach daily highs of 120-130 degrees. A change was needed......

There is also a new replacement blog set up at: CROWS to the Rescue

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