Friday, September 02, 2005

Coulter Calls Ted Kennedy On Release Of Documents

I couldn't resist this gem especially after Dr. Phat Tony's revelation regarding Teddy Kennedy's involvement with the hurricane. This addresses Ted Kennedy's "demand" for documents from John Roberts from 15 years ago.

Here's Ann:
This surprised me because the senator is such a strong advocate of the (nonexistent) "right to privacy." <...>Youth is no defense. John Roberts was 26 years old when he wrote the documents that Kennedy demands on behalf of the Senate. Kennedy was 36 when he drove Mary Jo Kopechne off a bridge.

If the Senate needs to know what Roberts thought about the law at age 26, then the Senate certainly needs to know what Kennedy thought about the law at age 36, when he drowned a girl and then spent the rest of the evening concocting an alibi instead of calling the police.

This isn't a "rehash" of Chappaquiddick; it's never been hashed. The Senate needs to know whether Kennedy was guilty of manslaughter. How else can the Senate be expected to carry out its constitutional duty to expel Kennedy unless Kennedy makes these key documents available?

We'll pick them up in the same van we send to collect John Kerry's military records and Bill Clinton's medical records.

Ann Coulter: How about Ted Kennedy's privacy

Yes, this is priceless Coulter at her best.

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