Saturday, September 24, 2005

Blogging Meme-tag

MD spewed out this challenge:

1. Do you try to look hot when you go to the grocery store just in case someone recognizes you from your blog? Instead of MD's answer relating to the BJ's Wholesale, didja look at the picture of my fridge from yesterday? What's a grocery store?

2. Are the photos you post Photoshopped or otherwise altered?
Maybe cropped and fixed for lighting but nothing with my appearance.

3. Do you like it when creeps or dorks email you?
I don't get much of that. I don't mind commenters dissent but I don't like it when they do it anonymously or if there's no email or url. If they don't have the guts to post at least an email with their name, they are just trolls to me.

4. Do you lie in your blog?
Define 'In'. Really? I don't think so but if it were to happen it would be inadvertant.

5. Are you passive-aggressive in your blog?
No. P-A people are a major irritation to me.

6. Do you ever threaten to quit writing so people will tell you not to stop?
I'd be afraid to do that cause I might not get a response!

7. Are you in therapy? If not, should you be? If so, is it helping?
No therapy here. About the only professional therapy I've had was a short stint with a marriage counselor many years ago. It wasn't terribly effective, the marriage ended.

8. Do you delete mean comments? Do you fake nice ones?
Never have. Faking nice ones never crossed my mind. Hmmmm. Do bloggers do really do that?

9. Have you ever rubbed one out while reading a blog? How about after?
I don't understand the question? "rubbed one out"......?

10. If your readers knew you in person, would they like you more or like you less?
I'm pretty sure they'd hate me, I'm a despicable person with no heart or soul because as you know I'm a conservative.

11. Do you have a job?
No, I'm currently unemployed and wow is it great! I haven't taken more than 8 days off of work consecutively in 20 years. I'll start looking maybe in October or November. I can go quite awhile without working (I can live quite cheaply) and planned to do this when I moved from MN to TN.

12. If someone offered you a decent salary to blog full-time without restrictions, would you do it?
I'm not sure. Right now blogging is something that I do for fun and I suppose if the opportunity arose I'd seriously consider it. I surely wouldn't hold my breath though.

13. Which blogger do you want to meet in real life?
Oh lets see. You know what? You could take My Blogroll on my sidebar and I would like to meet almost all of those bloggers.

14. Which bloggers have you made out with?

15. Do you usually act like you have more money or less money than you really have?
I have no idea? I'm finally at a point in my life where I can relax abit about money but I'm just a middle class American who happens to be a saver and planner.

16. Does your family read your blog?
I don't think so but a couple might stop by on infrequent occassions.

17. How old is your blog?
Just turned a year old this month.

18. Do you get more than 1000 page views per day? Do you care?
Hardly. Hmm. Do I care? Not really but I would care if I had no readers because then what's the point? I do have a tendency to be competitive but only in that it drives me to do better.

19. Do you have another secret blog in which you write about being depressed, slutty, or a liar?

20. Have you ever given another blogger money for his/her writing?
I've donated to bloggers who are in a difficult situation but that's rare or possibly for a deployed milblogger raising funds for a specific reason. I have done an auction for a blogger and received an extraordinary piece of artwork from it.

21. Do you report the money you earn from your blog on your taxes?
What are you telling me blogging could make me money from Ads??? Whowuddathunkit!

22. Is blogging narcissistic?
Hmm. Definition - Adj. 1. narcissistic - characteristic of those having an inflated idea of their own importance egotistic, egotistical, self-loving
I suppose you could say I was narcissistic. But then anyone writing for anything would have to be considered a narcissist. Don't see my self as egotistic since I'm too ready to be self deprecating. I consider blogging to be a learning experience - both from other blogs and from comments to my blog. I guess the SPF thing would be egotistical. How's that for a convoluted answer. **grin**

23. Do you feel guilty when you don't post for a long time?
I don't think guilt is the appropriate word, it's more addiction. I need to post something for my fix for the day.

24. Do you like John Mayer?
I don't know who John Mayer is?

25. Do you have enemies?
I'm sure I do but don't know who they are.

26. Are you lonely?
Ever? I'm a loner who has to work on meeting and greeting people. I do have a large family and stay in touch with at least one family member every day. If I don't return their phone call they call even more, soon there's many calling.

27. Why bother?
I don't understand?

28. Favorite Blogging tip
Blog about what you enjoy and visit other blogs, leave comments of some worth and link and TB.

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