Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Andi Exposes Sleezy Tactics of Code Pink at Walter Reed Hospital

There's a wonderful crew of people Counter Protesting Code Pink's disgusting anti-military protests outside of Walter Reed Hospital. Andi of Andi's World has pictures of some of the people who have come from states outside the beltway to support our Troops. She also has a picture of a flyer which demonstrates some of the deceptive and sleezy tactics engaged by the Code Pink a-holes. These people will stoop to anything to promote their cause which is disengenuous at best. Their claim is that they support the Troops but not the war which is a disgusting lie considering where they are camped out!

In addition Andi is preparing for the September 23rd "Support Our Troops and their Mission" weekend outside of Walter Reed.

Welcome To Andi's World: The Desecration Continues

From Greta's Elephant In My Coffee I found Amy's Blog (Army Wife). Amy has a posting Cindy Sheehan Doesn't Speak for Me which is a must read. Amy confronts the Sheehanites (heh heh I love this adjective) on what they have to say to a Military Wife. Amy's got audio and video. Don't miss this posting. Plus, Amy has another posting on a counter protest from last Saturday outside the main gate to Ft. Jackson, S.C. and their experience with the local news station reporting.

Go and give these outstanding Ladies a pat on the back and a thank you!

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