Sunday, August 14, 2005

WA State Workers - Join Union or Be Fired!

Here's an interesting tidbit from this story about the Wa. Governor and this Union:

After taking office this year, Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire (search) gave state workers a raise and then gave the union the power to have any worker fired who didn't either join or fork over a representation fee of up to $45 per month.

Union leaders say they're even-handed when it comes to political donations, but the numbers from the 2004 election tell a different story. Seventy-five percent of the union's candidate contributions went to Democrats. The union also gave $200,000 to the Democratic Governors Association and paid $250,000 to the state Democratic Party to underwrite the third vote count that finally put Gregoire into office. - Politics - Washington Workers Union Flexes Muscle

H/T Lance in Iraq.

Course then we have the imminent strike at Northwest Airlines by the Mechanics Union where Northwest Airlines in readying for the strike with replacement workers has been accused with Union Busting. Considering that the unions have for years been holding a gun to the heads of Airlines with demands of increasing pay, benefits and pensions, this was a "Union Bubble" which was bound to burst when the pensions came to fore in large numbers. Unions are an outgrowth of the communist party and continue to drive their agenda based on communist beliefs. States will rue the day that all state workers went "union". What is and has happened with the Airline Industry will also happen with states - union busting. In todays marketplace unions are dinousars doomed to extinction.

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