Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Victor Davis Hanson and Huffington to Debate U.S. Foreign Policy

I'd sure love to see this debate. Whenever I hear or see Huffington, Zsa Zsa Gabor comes to mind and no, that's not a compliment to Arianna. Although there wasn't anything wrong with Zsa Zsa, her type just brings top mind someone who is superficial and self absorbed.

NEW YORK Tribune Media Services columnists Victor Davis Hanson and Arianna Huffington will square off in a debate about whether the U.S. is "internationalist or imperial."

The debate is scheduled for Sept. 14 at the Gerald R. Ford Museum Auditorium, Grand Rapids, Mich. It's the first in a series of events (also taking place Oct. 6-7 and Nov. 17) on "War and Empire" hosted by the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies at Grand Valley State University.

Huffington and Hanson are also authors, and Huffington is the namesake behind the high-profile Huffington Post group blog/news site.

First you have to question who wrote this short notification. They give almost a reverent note about Arianna's blog while at the same time never mentioning VDH's credentials. Wonder if this might be on CSPAN, could be quite entertaining. VDH backing up everything he says with "facts" and saying it in a calm, lowkey and soothing voice. Then you have Arianna, making things up as she goes along speaking in a difficult to understand accent along with what I personally find to be a 'fingernail on a chalkboard' grating voice. Like I said, this could be considered entertainment.
Huffington and Hanson to Debate U.S. Foreign Policy

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