Monday, August 08, 2005

VDH - Torn Apart Over Iraq

Nobody consolidates and narrows the landscape on the war on Islamic Terrorists better than Victor Davis Hanson. He takes all of the different views, arguments, odd fellow alliances, contradictions into one simmering observation with a personal conclusion:
My own view remains absolutely unchanged — that we were right, in both a practical and a moral sense, in removing Saddam, that despite depressing lows and giddy highs, the democratic reconstruction of Iraq will work out, that an emerging constitutional government will make both Americans safer and the Middle East in general more stable, that preexisting jihadists are flocking to Iraq and being defeated rather than being created ex nihilo, that anti-Americanism will gradually subside in the Muslim world as millions see that we are consistent in our support of democratic reform, that the United States military has proved itself the preeminent fighting force in the world today and is on the offensive in Iraq and winning a difficult asymmetrical campaign, and that old allies in Europe and Japan and new ones from India to Russia will slowly come to appreciate American constancy and leadership as never before.
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Victor Davis Hanson on War on National Review Online

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